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Doomed before I've even started! Why am I finding it so hard to rewrite my cv? Any help appreciated...

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mustrunmore Wed 13-Aug-08 14:25:18

Been a SAHM for 5 years, but really cant wait any longer to get back to work of some sort. Thinking of doing weekends, as then I'll only need childcare for one in four, and can still be with the kids during the week till they are both full time school.

Now, I know alot of theory behind a good cv. But I just cant seem to decide on a layout, how much info to include, and its also been so long since I've worked that I've forgotten my skills and strong points sad Chances are that I'll also be applying for jobs different to what I was doing when I stopped working, so I'm pondering the relevancy of alot of things.

Argh! Help!

mustrunmore Wed 13-Aug-08 19:09:16

That'll be a no then will it?!

EachPeachPearMum Wed 13-Aug-08 20:24:56

No answers, but bumping for you!

mummysmagic Wed 20-Aug-08 10:54:16

Hi there

I know what you're going through, I found it so hard going back to work after my first and doubted myself and skills although I'd been really successful before leaving. Got talked into going for promotion not long after returning and didn't know where to start when applying and preparing for the interview.

What I found useful was to think about tasks/situations that have gone well for you then consider why that was. Which skills did you use to gain that outcome. I.e I managed to smooth over a difficult family situation whilst on mat leave. As I was applying for a managers job I used this example to demonstrate my negotiation and listening skills. Pleased to say I did get the job and went on to interview for posts in my new role. So from the other side, be yourself, be prepared for awkward qu's i.e What would you consider your weaknesses to be?
Also found that a few drops of 'Rescue remedy' calms the nerves!

Good Luckwink

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