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tycerrig Sun 10-Aug-08 21:34:09

I would be grateful for some advice. I have one ds so am clueless. I am returning to work in November ,ds is now 6 months. We live in a rural environment with no family around, i commute to the city. Previously my wish list for childcare for ds would have been childminder in similar set up to our house. We found one very quickly which was unbelievable but I am having reservations.

My ds has been going for 4 hours one day a week for 6 weeks now to get used to the whole set up and to give me a break. I was delighted at first but the past couple of weeks when I have gone to pick him up doubts have crept in which are based on the following ;

* Childminder has two boys 2 & 4, the 4 yr old will be going to playschool in september. Last time I was there the two boys were running around screaming with no clothes on, I'm just not used to children so this is probably normal but my ds just looked tiny while all this chaos was going on.
* There is an 2 yr old girl d there two days a week
* Childminder is still advertising for more children, she is on her own there.
* His bouncer was in front of the television which was on at 3pm in the afternoon, I don't think i'm really strict and I might even put it on then but am I wrong in thinking that the carer you are paying should be playing with him not relying on the tv to distract him.
* All the kids are changed on a mat on the kitchen units which personally i just think is a bit too close t food etc.
* The kids are jumping on the sofas and going to the cupboard to help themselves to biscuits.

I am a bit of a control freak so i dont know whether i'm being neurotic or whether they are valid points. Is he too young to be there? shouldnt he have more attention?

The local creche looks good with a ratio of 3:1, I just think now that a creche will be more disciplined and suit my way of doing things more.

Also, it will mean that my ds knows only our home as home and creche as something else (iykwim)
my head is wrecked as I am feeling v. guilty about going back to work but that is a different issue.

Sidge Sun 10-Aug-08 21:38:27

I wouldn't be happy with that, and the fact that you are querying it suggests that you are not happy either.

Have you thought about a couple of trial sessions at the creche (do you mean a work-based nursery?)

KatyMac Sun 10-Aug-08 21:38:56

OK - first of all if you aren't happy keep looking

*4yo will be starting school not preschool - so he will move to next age band (OFSTED prefers clothes tbh)
*so presumably your DS goes on a day when she isn't there (or one of the other boys aren't there)-she is allowed 3 under 5
*makes sense as she can have 3 under 5 (4yo will class as 5 once he starts school full-time)
*Is this when she cooks the tea?
*Icky icky icky - not acceptable
*I couldn't cope with this

So look at other childminders - see what you like

tycerrig Sun 10-Aug-08 21:53:04

sorry I should have said, we are not in the UK and there are no real regulations around childminding in your own home.

Sidge, you are right about the fact I am querying it, so my head is telling me no.
Yes I think some trial sessions at the creche is a good idea, I will look into it. Its a purpose built nursery with different rooms for different age groups so it will be all babies which i'm happier about.

Katymac - thanks for the input I was beginning to think it was just me.

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