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naughtynoonoo Tue 05-Aug-08 08:06:07

Am just about to post of my application for a job. CLosing date is Friday. I go on holiday fora week on 23rd August, should I mention this on my application form? Am worried in case they contact me (if succesful) for interview and I don't turn up - thanks

happyfaceschildcare Tue 05-Aug-08 08:30:09

Hiya, I would paperclip a little note to your application something like...

Thank you for considering my application, should I be successful for interview please note I am on vacation from 23/08/08 - ##/##/##.
Kind regards

That way they no you wont respond to them and they will contact you upon your return and you wont miss out.

Good luck x

naughtynoonoo Tue 05-Aug-08 08:59:12

thanks, I was thinking should I or shouldn't I in case they think I am crap why is she telling us this! Thanks for your reply

beansprout Tue 05-Aug-08 09:00:40

Not at all. Tell them, it's absolutely fine, people are expected to be on holiday in August!! smile

happyfaceschildcare Tue 05-Aug-08 09:50:49

They wont think you're crap, if anything you'll look more professional cos you're organised and thought to tell em ;) don't worry sure you'll do well x

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