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Returning to work and breastfeeding - anyone changed their hours?

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Greedygirl Sun 03-Aug-08 20:23:36

Hi. I am hoping to continue breastfeeding when I return to work in September. As my DS won't take a bottle I am going to have to feed before and after work (3 days a week). Several people have assured me that this should work out alright but obviously I am anxious about being away from him all day.

I have to drop him off at the childminder's house at 8 o'clock so I will arrive at work around 8.30 but my official hours are 9-5. I am wondering if I could use breastfeeding as a valid reason for leaving at 4.30 as I will be working from 8.30 anyway and it would be great if I could leave a little earlier and get home and feed my DS. I know it is only half an hour but it is my half an hour! Has anyone successfully changed their working hours in this way?

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