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2 job offers in the one week.

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Skribble Thu 10-Feb-05 22:44:45

What have I done I have just accepted 2 job offers this week , both are week day mornings which I have been hunting for for ages. It is different days but both said there will be more work availible.

I already have a part time job occaisionally work evenings and weekends, plus I am trying to run my own business.

I must be mad!! . 2 kids, 3 jobs, a business and a DH that might be working away for 6 weeks at a time .

Hope I can live up to there expectations they both seem to think I am s**t hot. I haven't even done this type of work before . Must be good at bullsh*%ing.

How many jobs do you do how do you juggle it all?

stupidgirl Thu 10-Feb-05 22:48:03

Congratulations, what is the work?

Skribble Thu 10-Feb-05 22:56:57

They are both merchandising jobs, I had never thought about this type of work before in fact I didn't think it was a seperate job. Ideal for school mums as its usualy mornings when shops are quiet. One is CDs in garages the other is cards in supermarkets.

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