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From a sort of career to a little part-time job...

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ks Thu 10-Feb-05 15:17:54

Message withdrawn

spacedonkey Thu 10-Feb-05 15:20:34

I know what you mean ks, i have been working in IT for the last 10 years doing a (fairly) skilled job, and enjoyed the status and confidence I felt it gave me - but at the moment I'm jobless and whatever I do next will be of the McJob variety I should think. Have you read Alain de Botton's Status Anxiety? It's very good on this

bundle Thu 10-Feb-05 15:23:43

i feel the same, but am glad not to have any responsibilities atm, which means i can scoot off at fairly short notice if i need to for one of the dd's. my sil on the other hand has recently moved to a job sharing arrangement and feels just like you. she ideally would like to go back to her full time, full responsiblity job (she has 3 kids, lives out of london but works there) but not sure if this is possible now. tricky.

desperatehousewife Thu 10-Feb-05 15:25:26

totally understand - did a 'proper' job for 8 years then lost my way a bit and floundered thinking i didn't really want the big career - then got preg so have been at home for last 3 years and am now gagging to get back to work - I can't stand the way some people just glaze over when you say your're a full time mum.

It is one of the world's 'greatest' jobs - but I've had my fill of it to be honest and am chomping at the bit to 'get back out there'. Although same as you KS, left london and my choice of jobs now is incredibly limited (as I only want to work 3 days a week). Basically I have on offer secretarial temping or cleaning...prob wouldn't even get a job in a shop as I'm not a funky little 22 year old. Feel very disheartened and fed up and wonder if there was any point at all in going to university (apart from to have a good time obviously!). How great would it be to have a recruitment agent specifically for returning mums - what a pool of experience we must all have - with the additions of negotiation skills, time managment, patience, diplomacy and juggling (from having had kids).

Chandra Thu 10-Feb-05 15:29:30

Me, had a wonderful job before getting married and moving to this little town were the oportunities of working in my area were minimal. Five years later it looks like I am finally accepting the fact that I'm not going to be the same than before, atm it doesn't hurt my ego, but maybe because I'm not surrounded of high flyers... But for some time it was really though, I even thought of leaving DH to be able to leave this hole of a town. well, it not a horrible place, on the contrary, is the most beautiful golden cage I could dream of.

ks Thu 10-Feb-05 15:30:55

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Thu 10-Feb-05 22:53:39

oh god chandra you sound like me when I lived there.........!!!

I'm working for myself now (several different ventures) and am enjoying being my own boss and being able to do as much/little as I want.

Skribble Thu 10-Feb-05 23:00:01

I started my own business but still get the feeling people/family think it is just a wee hobby still not taken seriously.

PhDMumof1 Fri 11-Feb-05 09:26:40

KS I too am in a dilemma about "what work is worth". <See my £££ thread.> So many other issues to go with it as well. Like wanting to be treated with Respect. Personally I think that you should keep going with the job if the people are nice. You may never get appreciated in a support role, because sometimes you get put into that box, but if you have made fun friends, then could be worth staying? FWIW. IYKWIM.

PS Chandra where did you live and where did jimjams live?? Sorry if personal but sounds familiar ...?!

wordsmith Fri 11-Feb-05 09:34:47

My DH is a recruitment consultant in the design/marketing sector and used to dread having to place 'returning mums' - not because he thought they were any less worthy but because employers did. God knows how long it's going to take before the situation changes.

I would like to get a part time job but not at the level of seniority I was before because, at that level, there is no way I would be able to walk out the door at 5pm and concentrate on my family till 9am the next day. And if I actually said to an employer that's what I wanted I'd be through the revolving door faster than you could say 'Next please!'

But yes KS I understand exactly what you mean about the lack of status.

Jimjams Sun 13-Feb-05 14:44:34

ooh where are you thinking of PhDMumof1? It's up north.....

PhDMumof1 Tue 15-Feb-05 12:59:10

oh, further south ... one of the Oxbridges ...

wild Tue 15-Feb-05 13:29:28

I so agree! especially all the 'improvements' that no one else can give a monkeys about. I think we just have to make the best of it for the present and keep a healthy sense of self-worth.

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