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leaflet for mums wanting to return to work

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helsi Sun 06-Feb-05 21:41:49

Denise Robertson of This Morning fame has written a booklet on how to get back into the workforce if you've been away to raise a family. There is a feature about updating your skills, sorting out a CV & finding the right job. I am no good with doing llinks but if someone can tell me how to do it I will try. If not then I just thought I would bring the booklet to your attention.

helsi Mon 07-Feb-05 14:33:08


reindeer Mon 07-Feb-05 19:28:44

To insert a link to a web site, type
description - where url is the http://.... address of the site, and description is the text you want to appear in your message. So to link to bbc news you could type
have a look at this

Have just lifted this from the right hand side of this page! Don't know if it'll help....

I'd be very interested in the booklet anyway!

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