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How much can an antenatal teacher earn?

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MegBusset Fri 18-Jul-08 21:43:35

Have been thinking for a while about doing the NCT training course to become an antenatal teacher (as I need a post-children career!). However, I'm finding it hard to work out what kind of income I could expect to get from it. Can anyone shed any light?

rosmerta Fri 18-Jul-08 22:24:40

Hiya, this is the info I received on pay bands for antenatal teachers. This was from early 2007 though & it may have changed. I think it also may vary depending on where you are:
Band S - £12.50 - student
Band A - £15.50 - newly qualified
Band B - £19.00 - after 100 hours or 1 year
Band C - £23.50 - after 300 hours or 3 years
Band D - £26.00 - after 500 hours or 5 years

If you contact the NCT (receptionist at
, they can send you an application pack which has all the info in.

FWIW, I'm doing the training and really enjoying it.

amazonianadventure Sun 20-Jul-08 22:16:41

those price bands are still right.

Depends on where you are in the country but in certain areas you could work constantly, remember it will take 2 years plus to complete

im doing it but ive been doing it more than 2 years lol im lazy!!

SueW Sun 20-Jul-08 22:53:15

I don't know whether you could term it a career, initially, but there is certainly potential for career progression from teacher to assessor to tutor.

I know teachers who do say 1 x 14 hour course (2 weekend days) @ £26 per hour per month and 1 x 16 hour course (8 x 2 hour evenings) every couple of months, making an approx total of £6500 income per annum.

There are different ways of working being developed by teachers e.g. some are doing work for Children's Centres, for NHS hospitals, for Health Centres. There is potential in these cases to do midweek work, perhaps.

However a quick trawl round mumsnet will always find parents upset because the only course they are being offered - even with say 4 months + notice is weekday daytime. Most parents want evenings or weekends, which is where it doesn't necessarily fit in with the teacher's family commitments.

If you progress to tutor, you can choose to hold tutorials on weekdays during school hours. However, your students will need to be observed and assessed from time to time and you will have to travel to wherever they are having their classes. My tutor lived 1-1.5 hours away from most of her students which involved her leaving home at around 5.30pm to observe a class starting at 7.30pm and when it finished at 9.30pm, she would drive home, then call me the next day to discuss feedback.

Having said that - I am an antenatal teacher and I love it. I'll just never be rich through it!

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