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nightowl Wed 02-Feb-05 22:37:41

ive applied for another job. at first i didnt really care either way, but the more i think about it the more i want it. im hoping for an interview as for the description, i think im more than qualified and experienced for the job. but i know i'll screw up at interview stage if i get that far. ive had one interview in the last nine years...actually in my life as with my previous job it was more like an informal chat. this interview they told me that considering i'd never had one, i did well but they said i came across as really nervous and i didnt "sell myself" (ahem?) enough. i know what they mean. i find it impossible to blart on about how good i am. i know i need to but just cant seem to do it, it makes me feel like a stupid little girl dressing up in my mums clothes hoping to fool everyone! (only way i can describe it) for future reference i'd love some tips?

Fran1 Wed 02-Feb-05 22:55:44

I think most of us feel like that in interviews you are not alone!!

I used to carry out the interviews for new staff in my previous job and i used to get nervous then!! But since doing that, and knowing that carrying out the interview is also a nerve wracking experience i have relaxed a little.

I try to be friendly and chatty nowadays, where in my early days i used to be so nervous i probably came accross really formal and missing a personality!!

I completely understand your comment about "stuipid little girl dressing up in mums clothes" because i have often rushed out the day before and bought an entire new outfit, and then spent the interview fidgeting in my alien clothes and wobbled in and out of the room in my shiny new boots i realise i can't actually walk in! So i guess being well prepared and have a dress rehearsal!!

But really just try and remember that the people interviewing you are human too and quite possibly nervous, and just try to ensure your personality comes accross.

Don't be afraid to ask them to repeat questions, or explain further. And don't do what i do which is waffle when i don't know the answer, simply say you're sorry you can't answer that question. I think a genuine character is far more appealing that somebody trying to look like a know it all.


onlineid Wed 02-Feb-05 23:07:49

Message withdrawn

nightowl Wed 02-Feb-05 23:29:11

ooh meant to ask. how do i find out if they have a web site because i wanted to look at that?

Fran1 Wed 02-Feb-05 23:34:11

type the company name in a search engine?

Ring and ask anonymously?

Look them up on because they have website adress links also

But i'm sure if they have a website and you type their name in the top of the search bar it will be found!

Sponge Fri 04-Feb-05 10:22:19

You'll probably be asked some "interview questions", so do think up answers to things like "what are your key strengths/weaknesses", "tell us about any achievements you are particularly proud of", "where do you see yourself in 2/5 years time", "what qualities can you bring to the role".
Think about the aspects of the job you are applying for that really appeal to you and try and talk about those as it's much easier to come across well when you're talking about something you're enthusiastic about.
I interviewed someone recently who I asked where he saw himself in 6 months and he said "by then I'd like to be indispensible to you" which I thought was a great answer and showed a bit of personality, so don't worry about being too conventional.
Ask them questions and let them talk. Most interviewers like to talk a bit themselves - so ask them about the role, the company etc. Ask them why they like working there - it's not just them interviewing you, you're deciding whether or not you want to work there.
Don't worry about being nervous, that's to be expected.
Be yourself.
Good luck .

nightowl Fri 04-Feb-05 23:08:23

im going to get my friend to mock interview me if need be but i just know i wont take it seriously and will give her really silly answers! im such a big kid. good advice here, thanks..even if i dont get this interview there will be others..more i have, the more used to it i will get hopefully. (will ignore the fact i keep screwing it up). someone somewhere must want to employ me!

moondog Fri 04-Feb-05 23:14:44 sister's take on the whole interview thing:
'Why on EARTH should I feel nervous? It's a chance to talk about me,me,me!'

You go gal!

Skribble Sun 06-Feb-05 22:46:21

Its a good idea to do research I had an interview last week (first in 8 years) and it felt good to know what she was talking about when she was going throught the companies structure and history.

Make sure you practice for all the corny questions such as "What do you feel you would bring to this job?" " What do you feel is your weakness/ strengths.?" " If you could go back in your life what would you do differently?"

Write lots of things down to help remember so that even if you go blank you know you can answer, it will come back to you.

Don't try and look to flash I know what you mean about still feeling like a kid. The style of clothes for the interview should usually be a little bit smarter than you would wear on the job. If you have a old favorite you feel comfortable and confident in wear it even if it might be a little dated or worn. Its better that brand new stuff thats not you.

PS I got the job and I have an other interveiw next week.

PPS See if freinds have friends you don't know that can do a mock much more realistic. Have a clothes/ make up session with friends to get honest opinions on how you look. Wear any new outfits before. My new blouse gaped at the bust after 10mins not great when trying to look sofisticated.

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