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What to do, what to do!

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lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 11:43:24

I know I really want to work with children, I'd love to work somewhere like gymboree or somewhere really fun like that, but the whole having no money kinda is in the way of getting a franchise

I know I could do a childcare qualification but it would be really expensive with childcare for ds (it would have to be during the day as dp is at Uni in the evenings and we wouldn't cope two of us doing evening study)

Anyone got any ideas????

Pamina3 Thu 27-Jan-05 11:45:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TracyK Thu 27-Jan-05 11:46:14

why not mothercare - then you could get loads of staff discount!

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 11:48:42

Pamina - I'd love to do that, but I can't sing

Plus theres a monkey music in my area. Took ds for the first time yesterday actually, he loved it!

TraceyK - I can NOT face retail again

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 11:50:02

I've just had this urge after having ds to do something fun with my life. I've always worked in shops (supervisory positions, but still, it's a shop ) and I think I just want to do something more

Pamina3 Thu 27-Jan-05 11:51:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 11:55:08

It's definately a good idea, I'll give them a call.

The class leader was definately a very good singer though (she had to sing to music like karaoke so she had to stay in tune!) also I don't think the ones here are oversubscribed, they don't have a lot of classes... will have to see!

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 14:10:55

Any other ideas?

lunavix Fri 28-Jan-05 10:33:49


TracyK Fri 28-Jan-05 11:36:08

Can you think of something that you had /have difficulty locating and see if there's a gap in the market to supply them?? iykwim.
or what about garden design, interior design, something you could do over the internet?
Sing and sign?

Skribble Sun 06-Feb-05 23:02:49

Lunavix what age is your child?

Lots of colleges have nurseries either in the college or nearby.

You will probably be elligible for money towards child care.

Some child care qualifications can be done part-time.

You could do child minding in your own home.

See if anyone doing Gymborree/ Monkey music etc is looking for an assistant.

See if there are any franchises with less start up costs ( maybe don't require as much equipment).

Or how about getting work on a playscheme or after school club during the holidays when Dp is off Uni anyway.

Or after school club during term time. You would only use child care for short period until Dp is finished at Uni.

Some local authorities employ un-qualified classroom assistants for nurseries and primary classes. Good experience if you go on to do training.

Part time work in a soft play facility at weekends/ evenings when they are busiest.

Trying to think of more .

Skribble Sun 06-Feb-05 23:04:47

How about setting up as a childrens party orgainiser / host. Advertise in community centres etc that are hired for parties.

zaphod Sun 06-Feb-05 23:13:14

I second Skribbles idea. I started doing childrens parties as a clown just before Christmas. You only need to do the parties that suit you, for me thats at the week-end, and it's a great earner and fun to do.

Learn to juggle, and do a few magic tricks, facepaint and balloon model, there are books that teach you these skills, and away you go. It really IS easy to pick up. I just put posters up in local shops (within half an hours drive).

In fact, I just gave up the day job (in a pre-school), and I hope that this will be a success for me. Whatever you decide, good luck.

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