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How to find mums who want to return to work

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esther1 Tue 18-Jan-05 22:37:39

MindLab is trying to reach mums who want to return to work. I would appreciate if mumsnet readers could share their advice regarding how to best reach this audience through advertising or online forums.

MindLab is an innovative fun-packed programme, for children, which uses carefully selected games and puzzles from around the world to develop and sharpen children’s thinking, problem-solving and interpersonal skills - all whilst having a wonderful time! Through the well structured curriculum, children learn how to apply these essential life-skills to everyday situations.

MindLab is looking for mums who want to return to work who are experienced and passionate about children’s development to become part of our rapidly growing and exciting programme as MindLab franchisees or teachers (flexible hours from one hour after school upwards).

MindLab offers:
- a new challenge
- fantastic job satisfaction from seeing children develop and grow
- good financial rewards

If you can advise me of how to best advertise this opportunity or know of anyone who might be interested in receiving more information please email: info@mindlabeurope or visit

lulupop Fri 21-Jan-05 15:06:32

sounds like something quite a few MNers might be interested in. But if you want to advertise the opportunity, you should do so here for the very reasonable fee of £25 which is all Mumsnet asks.
Good luck with it.

nm Sun 23-Jan-05 01:10:20

Offer term time and school hours - no evenings, no weekends - we'll be queueing up!

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