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Term Time Work??

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reindeer Fri 14-Jan-05 13:58:41

I need some advice as I'm planning on going out to work when when my youngest starts scool. But I've got no relatives nearby and to be honest I don't want to pay for childcare.
Does anyone know what jobs are available term time only?Or in the evenings only.
Any advice would be appreciated!

sallystrawberry Fri 14-Jan-05 14:00:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker Fri 14-Jan-05 14:00:35

reindeer - civil service has very flexible working arrangements.

galaxy Fri 14-Jan-05 14:01:46

There's lots of customer service centres which will offer term time work or evenings. Have a look on and look at their recommended employers. My empoyers are a large bank and operate compressed working in some divisions.

lalaa Fri 14-Jan-05 14:03:50

local authorities will give you a term time only contract if you request it

serenity Fri 14-Jan-05 14:05:14

Big supermarkets do evening and night work, and a lot of them will do term time contracts too, as they get students coming back to work in the holidays.

Colleges often have admin staff on term time contracts (thats what my Mum does!)

I work for IKEA, doing late evening shifts (8.30pm til 12.30am) and they do term time contracts too.


musicwithvanessa Fri 14-Jan-05 14:47:06

I run my own business teaching Kindermusik classes term time only. If you are musical and want to work for children this could be for you.

flashingnose Fri 14-Jan-05 15:01:28

What's your background reindeer? I've got lots of ideas but need to know what you're interested in/good at first IYSWIM.

reindeer Fri 14-Jan-05 16:35:07

I'm a qualified nursery nurse and have been a childminder and a nanny. I've also got lots of retail experience in sales and management.I love working with customers and I enjoy selling but couldn't cold call.I've thought about a call centre but I don't know if I've got the skills needed.Problem is I've lost all of my confidence since giving up work and staying at home..

Does anything spring to mind from all of this flashingnose?

Yorkiegirl Fri 14-Jan-05 16:36:38

Message withdrawn

doggiewalker Fri 14-Jan-05 16:41:33

Classroom assistant? School secretary? Working in a playgroup? You don't always need qualifications to work in schools etc but you will probably need to be CRB or Local Authority Police checked.

Tommy Fri 14-Jan-05 17:29:18

I'm sure I heard somewhere that Boots offer term time contracts -could be wrong though!

flashingnose Sat 15-Jan-05 10:42:14

Would you like to continue with the childcare work or do something different?

janeybops Sat 15-Jan-05 10:50:29

work in a school. LSA or similar???

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 10:51:18

I need to find a job preferably working for a firm of solicitors, school hours, term time - what do you think the likelihood is?

flashingnose Sat 15-Jan-05 10:57:53

Looking in my local paper this week, jampots, I'd say anything is possible - there were loads of jobs offering flexible hours/unpaid school holidays etc. Why not send your CV and a covering letter outlining what you're after to all the firms in your area? No harm in trying. I think a lot of firms are wising up to the pluses in being more flexible these days.

reindeer Sun 16-Jan-05 08:15:40

Thanks for all of the replies....

Part of my problem is I don't know what I want to do, I was thinking of classroom assistant.Does anyone know if there are any courses I could take to gain some knowledge/experience of this?I'm in Scotland BTW.

flashingnose Sun 16-Jan-05 09:51:49

My friend is just about to start this course - 6 months, 1 day a week at college (10-2, great hours) and something like 120 hours work experience in a school (unpaid). We're not in Scotland though. Her course starts at Easter.


nicm Sun 16-Jan-05 13:59:28

hi reindeer,

what about childminding for teachers? one of the childminders i know only minds for teachers, so when her own children are on holidays the minded chidren are off too. it is good as well as she is at home anyway if her chilren are sick, etc.


reindeer Tue 18-Jan-05 14:45:52

I wanted to work outside the home again, as I found childminding very isolating when I did it......thanks anyway!

sinclair Tue 18-Jan-05 16:29:21

What about nursery nurse in a state pre-school - hours and timetables will mesh well with school hours/term dates etc. Or are you keen to try something else?

jodee Tue 18-Jan-05 16:38:25

Reindeer/flasing nose, I posted this exact same thread a year ago, we were moving to a new area (last March) and I wanted a term time contract. Took me 6 months to get a suitable job - I took a Christmas temp job at Boots in october, working 9.30-2.30 (but had to work the Christmas hols of course, their busiest time).

A month before starting at Boots I had walked into a local solicitors to see if they needed secretarial help (I was a legal sec before moving). They were OK at the time but took my details and said if anything came up they wouuld get back to me. Heard nothing and thought it was a dead end, but they phoned me in Nov and offered me a job; I have been able to negotiate 9.30-2.30 hours and Easter/Summer/Christmas off (working the half-terms). Hope that helps, keep plugging away.

jodee Tue 18-Jan-05 16:39:24

Oops, meant Reindeer/Jampot (sorry flashing nose!)

hotmama Tue 18-Jan-05 18:43:25

As you are a qualified Nursery Nurse you would be well placed to get a job as a teaching assistant in a school and get paid at the higher qualified rate and although would work term-time only would probably get paid full-time - this is the case in many areas but not all - but I think UNISON are trying to get this adopted in all LEA areas. Really helpful to get paid full-time and not have to pay for childcare

My understanding is that more often than not that school admin staff don't get paid full-time unless they have a contract to work in school holidays - but depends on the school etc.

reindeer Wed 19-Jan-05 21:53:48

I think the teaching asst. job sounds most likely......

Is there anyone in Scotland out there in mumsnetland who is working as an assistant who could give me any further advice?

Thanks agin!

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