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gift ideas for new nursery workers

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inga Tue 10-Dec-02 07:57:32

Hi, my 9m old ds has been at nursery for 1 week now and is very happy. He has 1 key worker who he loves, another full-time worker who I don't know very well and various students and part-timers. I am completely confused as to the etiquette as to who gets what for Christmas??? Any ideas other than the standard box of chocs for all to share??? They are having a Christmas drink up and party soon-maybe some bottles of something warming for the nasty weather?

threeangels Tue 10-Dec-02 13:49:43

As a past daycare worker I usually worked full time in a room with one other full time teacher and then a bunch of afternoon part timers who came in later. Most of my parents bought a more nice gift for me and my co partner and something small for all the part timers. Mainly because they were not with their children for the majority of the day. Ive received a lot of dining gift certificates or certificates to other places. Certificates to a book store are always nice to give. This way they know they can pick out something they like. As for all the part timers candy is still a good idea. Maybe a box of some writing stationary. Ive been in the same situation as you when I took my kids with me to the job . I mainly focused on what to get their main all day teachers and bought a little token to say merry christmas to all the extra help. Just some thoughts that came to mind. Hope it helps.

inga Wed 11-Dec-02 10:18:42

Thanks threeangels, I was thinking along the same lines and you're the perfect source of inspiration! Unfortunately there are already 3 boxes of chocs and sweets sitting high up on the nursery shelves, so I have to think of something a little more inspirational...Merry festive season to you!

Ems Wed 11-Dec-02 13:50:01

Inga, Body Shop presents have always been gratefully received in the past with us, and they are great in that you can mix and match to what you want to spend.

Cadi Wed 11-Dec-02 13:55:02

What about a couple of bottles of non-alcoholic something - fizzy grape juice or similar???

As to etiquette I have never singled out any individual at playgroups I prefer to give something that can be shared by everyone - sometimes a tin of biscuits rather than chocolates. Or some scented soaps.

star Wed 11-Dec-02 17:07:28


candy Wed 11-Dec-02 20:51:01

What about a cheapish mug each filled with packets of coffee or hot choc and a few individually wrapped biscuits? I'm a teacher and know that most of my colleagues, as well as myself, would love to receive that - we only hate ourselves after eating all that chocolate!

bluestar Thu 12-Dec-02 14:28:44

My sister is a nursery worker and since this year I also have to buy for the first time, she said that generally the safest thing to do is buy a tin of biscuits/something similar for the whole team and then a gift for the keyworkers. Candy, great idea for mugs and drink stuff, may have to steal that!

Janus Thu 12-Dec-02 21:12:11

I went to Bodyshop today and bought a range of their packs and one of their wicker basket things to put it all in. It looks pretty impressive and I added candles that they sell, body lotion, bubble bath, foot lotion, lip balm, plus they also have one male teacher so I added some of the men's range they do too, etc. Basically, I hope there's something for everyone. BONUS is that for the next 3 days Bodyshop has 20% off EVERYTHING so it didn't work out too expensive. I hope/think this is a good gift.

inga Sun 15-Dec-02 17:31:10

I have bought a range of ready-made cocktails for their party on Friday (after-hours) next and will buy each worker a mug with their name/initial on. Something to drink the cocktails out of!!!This is exactly what I would appreciate! Bit of a cocktail piggie!!!
Thanks all.

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