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APPLYING FOR A JOB but what do i do about references ??

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Nutcracker Fri 31-Dec-04 11:25:35

Having been a stay at home mom for the past 7 years i am stumped when it comes to references.

It says that it is ESSENTIAL that the first reference be from a current/recent employer or college tutor etc.

My last job was as a weekend room attendant in a hotel 7 years ago so the woman who was my manager won't be there now anyway.
I did do childminding for a bit but haven't kept in touch with any of my clients so what am i supposed to put ??

Nutcracker Fri 31-Dec-04 11:26:15

Come to thik of it the 2nd ref will be hard too as it has to be someone who has known me for at least 5 years but is not a friend or relative.

geekgrrl Fri 31-Dec-04 11:31:19

nutty, any chance of doing a short return to work type course at a FE college? they´re usually free and childcare is often provided free too. that´d sort out the refrences as well as give you a bit of extra confidence.

pixiefish Fri 31-Dec-04 11:32:04

For the second ref- your gp? anyone professional that you've known.

A bit of a sticky one this isn't it.
As you don't have a recent employer I think you're going to have to put a note in stating that.

Nutcracker Fri 31-Dec-04 11:32:33

Hmm never thought of that. Only trouble is, is that the form has to be back by 7th Jan complete with references.

Nutcracker Fri 31-Dec-04 11:33:12

You would think they would realise that some people haven't worked for a while wouldn't you. I always have this prob.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 31-Dec-04 11:35:01

Can you get one from either your DP or eldest child since you've been working for them?

SEriously though, phone them up and explain the situation or explain in a covering letter. It can't be that uncommon for someone not to have an appropriate "employment" reference.

tiredemma Fri 31-Dec-04 11:36:03

why dont you phone them and ask to speak to someone in human resources, explain your prob and see what they suggest.
im sure other applicants may not of worked for a while, im trying to think .....

Nutcracker Fri 31-Dec-04 11:38:01

LOL dragon, that is a good idea although dd1 would refuse, she doesn't think i shoulod work

I think i will ring them and see what they suggest.

polkadot Fri 31-Dec-04 12:42:43

Speaking as a manager, I would suggest that you give the prospective employer a ring and explain the situation. The chances are that they will still require references but will be able to show a bit of flexibility regarding who from for someone in your situation, it happens all the time. If you were registered as a childminder then perhaps you could ask Ofsted to provide a reference. Although they can really only say that they registered you and that your worked as a childminder it would confirm that this aspect of your cv is accurate.

polkadot Fri 31-Dec-04 12:45:21

Perhaps I should also say that I take it very well when people in your situation ring me to discuss their application. It shows that they are genuinely interested in the post and have the commonsense and maturity to discuss any difficulties that they might have. If they get the job then they are likely to behave in the same way in the workplace.

PaRumPumPumScum Fri 31-Dec-04 13:20:52

How about using a teacher from your secondary school? I know it must seem like a long time ago but someone from there may well be willing to help you out with a reference.

PaRumPumPumScum Fri 31-Dec-04 13:22:04

Or, if you were a registered childminder ask the person from the local authority/ofsted who registered you?

mumeeee Fri 31-Dec-04 17:49:42

Have you helped out at your childrens school. One of the teacherrs might help. Thats what I did when I first went back to work. The deputy head gave me a reference

SeaShells Fri 31-Dec-04 18:12:34

Hi Nutcracker, I had same problem recently when applying to Uni, had to give 2 references and as been a SAHM for 7 years and don't do much other than look after the kids, had absolutely NO ONE to put down whatsoever, everyone I knew in the world was either a friend or relative, I had to put it off till next year now, I'm spending this year doing voluntary work, part time courses and helping out at DS school so I have some ref's when need them!

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