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Should feel happy and grateful but am feeling a little anxious - can someone hold my hand????

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Tinker Thu 05-Dec-02 12:40:25

Hello. Feel such a baby writing this but here goes...

About 6 weeks ago managed to escape from a job that I hated to get to a job I enjoy - all level transfers. However, yesterday the new boss in charge of the previosu job rang me, essentially, to headhunt me!!!!!! Apparently feels that I have the know how to pass on to new staff who are now doing my previous job.

Feeling a little bold, I said that I would only be interested in it was on promotion. Got a call today to say that it would be temp promotion for a few months with likelihood of it becoming permanent.

Now, I should be very happy but......

1. I had a very unhappy time for the last 2 years - however this was due to appalling management rather than the job itself.

2. Am now doing a job that I enjoy which involves being out of the office for 3 to 4 days per week - extremely flexible with time.

3. I may actually be slightly worse off with new job since I get generous mileage allowance at present.

4. Am a bit of a baby about taking on new responsibilty - prefer to be a big fish in small pond. Not quite the right analogy but like the feeling of knowing what I'm doing.

On the plus side, the future boss is a really nice bloke and has stated that I can be based wherever I like for my own convenience.

However, he wants a decision by tomorrow - wanted it now really but have stalled for a day.

So, why am I such a baby? Please tell my why this is a *good thing*? Need a good talking to.


GeorginaA Thu 05-Dec-02 12:49:26

I would say that if you need talking to, to make yourself accept that it's a good move, it probably *isn't* a good move.

As an indicator to your gut feelings about it... toss a coin to decide whether to take it or not. How did you feel about the result? Disappointed? Relieved?

We spend such a large part of our lives at work, I feel it's really important to enjoy what you do. Anything else is just icing on the cake.

Batters Thu 05-Dec-02 12:51:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch Thu 05-Dec-02 12:53:26

Tinker, you're not a baby! It sounds as if you should stay where you are as it's making you happy and that's the main thing. You shouldn't let him push you into making an immediate decision, it's quite a big deal and not the sort of thing he should be asking you to make a snap judgment about IMO.

BUT if you think you could cope with old job given certain conditions (but are not really bothered since you're happy where you are) could you negotiate? Ask for a lot more money, definite and immediate promotion, the same mileage allowance as you get now, the same flexibility etc? It sounds to me as if you're in an excellent negotiating position: he wants you more than you want the job. So ask for the earth (if you would still want the job if said earth was agreed) and see what he says. You can always negotiate down later if necessary. That's what I'd do anyway! Good luck, let us know what you decide.

WideWebWitch Thu 05-Dec-02 12:54:46

And agree with Batters - get it ALL in writing and only do it if you think it'll make you happy.

bossykate Thu 05-Dec-02 12:56:18

hi tinker, nothing to add to the excellent advice already given here, just wanted to say congratulations they must think very highly of you and best of luck with the decision.

Tinker Thu 05-Dec-02 13:04:12

Thank you all so much so far.

Yes, should get it in writing. Just don't like this feeling of being pressurised into a job I was glad to see the back off.

Sadly, being the civil service, rates of pay are non-negotiable, but you're right, they need me more than I need it.

Trouble is, last week I was really p***** off about the fact that so many of my friends were getting promoted and I felt completely unrecognised/unappreciated. And now this happens and I'm not grateful

Really, I want to do the job I do now but at the next grade. However, by accepting this post it would put me in a position to apply for a level transfer to my current job at the next grade!

Aargh it's all so complicated!!! If I was a bloke, I'm sure I'd just think 'Yeah right, I deserve that'

Oh, and thanks for the compliments but I think it's just that there were only 2 of us doing the previous job and now there are about 20. There was just no-one else TO ask (the other has already been promoted)

sis Thu 05-Dec-02 15:46:59

Tinker, I'd be doing exactly the same as you - feeling confused about what to do for the best.

As you are in the civil service, is it worth asking your new dept to keep your job open for say a month or so to allow you to try the promotion and that if you are not happy you can come back to your current position? I know this would be almost unheard of in the private sector, but in the civil service with stange budgets etc any thing is possible!

Alternatively, you could ask whether your current dept would second you to your old dept for a fixed period and then if you like the promoted job, you can apply for it if it comes up as a permanant post or use the experience to get a level transfer elsewhere.

HTH and well done for being headhunted

Tinker Thu 05-Dec-02 16:17:39

sis - they're the lines I'm thinking of at the moment. Try it for 3 months or so and then at least if I hate it I can come back to this, if I like it, I can stay. Don't feel I 'should' turn it down since, obviously, looks better on my cv.

Thanks for advice everyone.

robinw Thu 05-Dec-02 19:03:54

message withdrawn

chiarasmom Thu 05-Dec-02 19:13:58

The advice here sounds good. Don't feel qualified to add my on own advice, since I don't understand exactly what the situation is, but seems if the money/promotion is negligible, you should always chose the job you enjoy more. We moms do a lot of things that can be called uncompensated, unappreciated manual labor - so when you're working outside the home, there is a high premium on doing work that you enjoy and that you feel is appreciated.

tigermoth Fri 06-Dec-02 13:04:11

tinker, nothing to add to this excellent addvice, but congratulations on being so in demand. Don't know the secret workings of the civil service, but is it possible to speak to your new boss about this offer? Sound him out about promotion prospects if you stay where you are? Also, if your old department are desperate to have your back, is there a crisis situation there? would you, as newly promoted manager be on the receiving end of lot of s*** to deal with if you walked back? anyone you can talk to in your old department?

Tinker Fri 06-Dec-02 13:50:04

Have managed to stall decision until Monday and will have a talk with potential new boss - my daughter is of sick today so have genuine reason to stall!

I am going to sound him out about it all before agree to anything and certainly DON'T want management responsibilities!!! But a crisis? In the civil service? Never!!

ScummyMummy Sat 07-Dec-02 01:24:55

You cleverpants, you! Imagine being head hunted- I swoon at the very thought! Good luck- hope you come to a decision that makes you happy.

Tinker Mon 09-Dec-02 18:11:58

Well, after a weekend of sick child, house in complete chaos because it is finally being decorated after 'The Flood', worrying about work didn't figure too high on the agenda. So today, after talking to potentail new boss, I said 'Yes'. And immediately flet happy so must have made the right choice. Ball is totally in my court, he is a really progressive boss, good attitude to flexible working etc and basically wants me to 'coach' the new staff. So, doing my old job and getting paid the princely sum of £2.05 extra PER DAY!!! But, I will still get soem travellingg expenses so should still be better off. Temporary atm , which suits me, since if don't like it, can carry on doing what I do now!

So, thank you everyone for your advice.

<Think when I said 'headhunted' I was being a bit show-offy!. More that he is desparate and I'm all there is>

WideWebWitch Mon 09-Dec-02 18:14:30

Great news Tinker, Ooooo £2.50 a day!!! No, I think you *were* headhunted, don't be so modest! Hope your dd is on the mend.

GeorginaA Mon 09-Dec-02 19:04:29

Congratulations Tinker! Glad it's all worked out well

Marina Tue 10-Dec-02 08:47:46

Really good news . Start putting that £2.05 in a jar for a meet-up soon! And of course you were head-hunted! It happens to us public sector workers too...hope dd is feeling better.

janh Tue 10-Dec-02 09:15:23

Congratulations, Tinker! Hope it all works out really well for you. (And if they come to you - that's headhunting! )

prufrock Tue 10-Dec-02 09:20:39

Well done Tinker - definate headhunting going on here. Be proud!

sis Tue 10-Dec-02 09:50:13

Tinker, well done on being head-hunted ( don't care what you want to call it cos it is still head hunted!) and on negotiating the terms that are right for you as well as the job.

Hope your dd is well now - in time for the school xmas parties etc..

Batters Tue 10-Dec-02 10:13:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Tue 10-Dec-02 10:35:03

Tinker that's great news, we all need a bit of warming news in this bloomin' cold weather

tigermoth Tue 10-Dec-02 12:05:24

tinker, so glad you immediately felt happy after you made the decision. Sounds like you made the right one. And a boss with a great attitude towards flexible working arrangements has to be good news.

Tinker Fri 28-Mar-03 18:56:24

I'm sure no-one's losing any sleep over it but thought I'd give a quick update. This week, my temporary position became permanent so I have been, offcially, promoted My new boss, has been great, lots of support and freedom (hope I'm not speaking too soon) so glad I took the chance an didn't go with the safe option, which was my natural inclination. And yes, just goes to show how bad management can colour your view of a pretty good job. So, thank you all again for all your wisdom

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