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chiara71 Fri 08-Nov-02 12:05:30

I'd like to hear from all of you part-timers to see in which field you work, I am currently looking for a part-time job but find there's absolutely no demand in banking (which is what I used to do), so I'm thinking about re-training into something different but I would like to know where it would be easier to find a job.


PamT Fri 08-Nov-02 13:21:28

I don't work outside the home but I do know loads of mums who work for telephone banking on a part time basis and I'm sure that some of the ladies in our local branch only work part time too.

Other 'mums' jobs seem to be on the catalogue order lines, we have 2 large catalogues that operate near us so they are very popular. Quite a few mums at school are dinner ladies or classroom helpers too which is good for the school holidays.

Not exactly taxing on the brain but it is so difficult to find something to fit in around the children despite everything that the government keep telling us about help for working mums.

Viv Fri 08-Nov-02 13:46:35

chiara71, I am an Accountant working for myself and have a number of clients. My main client I work for 5 short days so I can still do the school run. Much of what I do is actually bookkeeping rather than accountancy so doesn't pay so well, but the hours suit. Bookkeeping courses are available at a lot of colleges.

bossykate Fri 08-Nov-02 14:31:33

i am a program manager in IT in an investment bank. had to negotiate this myself - doubt if i would have got a role like this on the open market.

Harrysmum Fri 08-Nov-02 15:07:53

I work in University Administration (full-time at present but previously part-time) and it seems across the board be it in terms of support staff, admin staff or academics that Universities tend to be very flexible employers and (at least in pre-92 Universities) have much better annual leave than the average private employer (I get 42 days inc public holidays and Christmas). It may be worth keeping an eye on your local university jobs page to see what's coming up.

zebra Fri 08-Nov-02 18:55:15

I'm another Uni worker -- research.

Marina Fri 08-Nov-02 19:22:57

Another vote for the HE sector - learning resources in my case. My job could be split via job-share (something I am looking at hard at the mo) and the next vacancy in my dept will be specifically advertised as term-time only or job share if required. I have a new (woman!) boss and she has been keen to encourage this sort of ethos in our small HE college.
Like Harrysmum, I enjoy longer vacations, can save up heaps of flexi-time so as to have all the school hols off, and also find working with students is great fun and very satisfying.
PLUS you get a very superior workplace internet connection in the HE sector...

titchy Mon 11-Nov-02 12:12:04

Another pt HE administrator here! Where are you harrysmum and others? Having said that I see v. few pt jobs advertised - here they tend ot be negotiated individually. Marina is right - web connection is far superior!

Banks and building societies, or I guess anywhere where there is a lunchtime rush, usually need counter assistants or cashiers part time.


Batters Mon 11-Nov-02 12:23:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chiara71 Mon 11-Nov-02 14:03:34

Thank you for the suggestions, keep them coming!!!

I had thought about local colleges, but there's hardly ever anything advertised, as some of you said, most part-times are negotiated with your employer, but my ex-manager would not consider part-time or job-share at all (and it was a woman!!!), schools seem to pay so little, the salary would hardly cover the nursery costs....

Batters, 3 years???? I might just as well have my second baby now!!!!

Do you have any idea why did it take you so long? Just lack of positions availale or where you looking in the wrong places?' (just so I know what to expect!!)

thanks a lot


bundle Mon 11-Nov-02 14:08:25

chiara71, I work 3 days a week as a journalist in a large organisation, but had been working with the same employer for years before I became pregnant in 2000. expecting my 2nd next spring and I received an email this morning re: Flexible Working Principles this morning spelling out exactly what's possible. my situation is reviewed every 6 months, which effectively means I say "yes, I'd like to carry on working part-time" and everyone - me, my boss, dh - is happy with the situation.

bee Mon 11-Nov-02 14:18:35

University careers adviser (esp helping students with careers in City). I started off fulltime to show I was serious and good enough (it was a career change from consulting), then renegotiated down to part time. But I think it would be easier now to go straight into part time - maybe!

Batters Mon 11-Nov-02 14:43:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScummyMummy Mon 11-Nov-02 15:11:45

I've found the voluntary sector is good for getting p/t work and family friendly policies, Chiara. Lots of posts are funded as p/t and many places are fine about negotiating for job share, flexitime etc. Try looking in the Wednesday Society section of the Guardian if you're interested.

florenceuk Mon 11-Nov-02 15:39:39

Chiara71, I'm in the public sector as a policy analyst (with an economics degree), and found it very easy to go part-time, although I didn't start off that way. I would have thought with a background in banking it would be straightforward to find a job in the public sector, but probably for much much less pay!

Harrysmum Mon 11-Nov-02 17:04:14

Apparently it's ok to apply for f-t positions and once offered (!) negotiate working p-t; it's a legal requirement on employers to consider it as a reasonable alternative option.

ks Mon 11-Nov-02 17:09:05

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 11-Nov-02 17:09:50

Message withdrawn

slug Mon 11-Nov-02 23:02:35

chaira71, if you're thinking of working in colleges, try contacting them direct rather than waiting for them to advertise. Often they are desparate for someone to fill in at short notice, and once they know your face you are more likely to get more work. If your skills ar in banking, try talking to the head of business studies. Learning support is becoming better funded all the time, again if you talk to the boss first they may let you know when jobs are going to be advertised.

Melly Tue 12-Nov-02 12:55:08

Chiara71, I work part-time as a secretary for the NHS (previously med sec for 19 years on full time basis). NHS always seem to be recruiting for full or part time clerical or secretarial staff - not the best pay in the world, but I have to say that they are certainly very supportive of working mums and flexible working which can make up for the lowish wages depending on your priority. In my case, I returned to work last November when dd was 4.5 months old. Before my return I was given at least three options and have to say they really bent over backwards to accommodate me. Initially I job shared in my old job, that didn't work too well, so I moved and I now work two days per week, any hours and any days to suit me entirely, I can change this from week to week should I wish and I have also been given the option to work from home if I need to....can't really ask for any more!
Sorry to ramble on, not sure if working in a hospital would appeal to you but am sure your local hospital would probably have vacancies.
Best of luck in your search for employment.

Cecilia Wed 13-Nov-02 09:58:26

I'm going back to work part-time (job-share) and I work in museums

Tillysmummy Wed 13-Nov-02 11:28:22

I work as a Marketing Manager for an IT Consulting Company, I work 3 days a week and some days from home.
I think part of the reason things are tough is because the economy is generally very bad at the moment...

allatsea Wed 13-Nov-02 14:29:05

I work for the education service (as an advisory teacher) 2 days a week. They have been very supportive of my switch from full time to part time and have adjusted my workload to reflect my reduced hours

chiara71 Fri 15-Nov-02 14:37:15

thank you all again, a lot more things to think about, lots of good advice..

Hey ks where are you based? If you decied to advertise your job on mumsnet, send me a message!!!

ks Fri 15-Nov-02 17:44:27

Message withdrawn

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