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Anyone work nights ??????

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Nutcracker Mon 29-Nov-04 16:15:10

Just wondering really.

My mom works as an auxilary at the local hospital and has got me an application form for bank work, where i would be able to pretty much choose my hours.

I can't afford to pay childcare so i think the best option would be for me to work fri, sat and sun nights.

So good idea/bad idea ??

nailpolish Mon 29-Nov-04 16:17:39


im an agency nurse too

i used to work for the nhs but changed to agency just for the reason that i could work nights only and just the nights i choose

you will have someone to watch your children during the day at weekends then i presume?

Nutcracker Mon 29-Nov-04 16:19:57

My dp doesn't work weekends (well the very odd saturday).

Not sure he will take kindly to having them all weekend but tough.

It's either this or glass collecting and since i do dream of one day becoming a nurse, i thought this was the better option.

nailpolish Mon 29-Nov-04 16:23:09

i think its a great idea, and i find when i work nights i dont sleep all day (not with dd jumping on bed anyway!) sometimes til 1 or 2pm is enough and then you can all have the rest of the day together. i sometimes do split nights ie fri and sun, then it doesnt matter if i dont get much sleep on sat.

btw, the odd weekday nightshift, then no sleep that day is not as bad as it sounds if you are particularly skint that week

Nutcracker Mon 29-Nov-04 16:29:54

LOL, thats probably exactly what would happen.

Oh well will fill in the form and wait and see.

Thanks nailpolish

tiredemma Mon 29-Nov-04 16:31:21

nutty go over to "chat" - im there!

SantaFio2 Mon 29-Nov-04 16:31:35

its a good idea, i have applied for a similar position too nutty. but this is childrens home how weird!

Nutcracker Mon 29-Nov-04 16:33:29

Oooooh childrens home, i would love that.

Did you have to have any qualifications or experiance ??

I am quite worried about where i will be put in the hospital as, i really don't want to be wiping old peoples bums (no offence).

Good look Fio, hope you get it

SantaFio2 Mon 29-Nov-04 16:35:40

i have worked in elderly care homes before and have done some care work at the hospital, but years ago and minimal experience. Think they are the kind of jobs where experience is gained on duty iykwim.

dont worry about wiping old dears bums, just close your eyes and dont think about it

Nutcracker Mon 29-Nov-04 16:39:18

LOL o.k wil try

I could apply to do just womans and childrens services, whgich would then be either maternity or gynea (childrens wards never come up), but i wouldn't get as many shifts.

Might see if there is anything going for childrens homes though too.

clairabelle Mon 29-Nov-04 16:42:09

Nutty great idea I think we've talked about this before. I'm a night sister and IMO I get the best of both worlds, job I love, a teeny bit of money and am at home all day with my children.

tiredemma Mon 29-Nov-04 16:46:15

nutty - look on b.ham city councils website for work with social services in childrens care homes- friend has just started with one. loves it.

nailpolish Mon 29-Nov-04 16:53:16

you wont be wiping bums all day if you work nights!

its a good way of getting exp esp if you want to do nursing in the long run

you can ask the bank for shifts in specific wards if you like, they can try for you but its not guaranteed. a&e is a good place to work nights - its interesting you will learn loads and the shift goes quick cos all the lights are on and they help you stay awake etc.

btw, agency pays more than bank, although with bank you are pretty much guaranteed shifts when you want it, not like agency usually

Nutcracker Mon 29-Nov-04 17:24:18

Ta all, will look into both things more and see what i can apply for.

I have no formal experiance in childcare or healthcare setting but do they take into account that i have so far raised my own 3 succesfully, or does that not count ??

jellyhead Mon 29-Nov-04 17:55:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiredemma Mon 29-Nov-04 20:27:47

nutty, id be interested on any info you do get from the hospital- its something im seriously considering once ive used my holiday concession from work this summer.

mrsmiawallace Mon 29-Nov-04 20:32:47

my b.friend works in sch - mbro for BANK on nights and she absolutly loves it (especially the money!!!!)
she gets call anytime and can say yes or no. it works well for her as she didnt/couldnt put ds with someone/in childcare, so she only works some of the nights her dh isnt on nights too.
if you can do them, i would, definatly!

Nutcracker Mon 29-Nov-04 20:33:39

O.k as soon as i find anything out i'll let you know.

They are advertising for bank auxilaries on the hospital web site at the mo i think.

I'll have a look.

Nutcracker Mon 29-Nov-04 20:34:42

Yes it does sound ideal the more i think/hear about it MrsMW

tabitha Mon 29-Nov-04 20:39:19

It's a great idea if you can either sleep during the day or cope with sleep deprivation
I think that people are split into those that can work nights and often quite like it and those, like me, who just cannot cope with it all despite the fact that I did it for over seven years. Short of drugging myself with Nytol tablets or drinking myself into oblivion, I only ever managed about three hours sleep a day and felt like a complete zombie all night. I am so glad I changed jobs
In saying that, if it's for you - it's great.

Donbean Mon 29-Nov-04 20:39:51

I HATE nights with a passion.
Tiredmamma, as you know my DS does not sleep up 4/5/6 times a night then up for the day between 4.30am and 6am, stay up all day to go and work the night shift. Then stay up all the following day until DH gets home from work at 5.30ish.
At weekends i can go to bed when i get home and get up at dinner time.
In the week i have no childcare.
I feel physically ill on those days.
I save all my jobs for those days so i am on the go all day.
The good thing about agency is that you can choose your hours, i cant and i cant be seen to be inflexible so i have to work in the week some nights.
Luckily i only work 2 nights every 4 weeks but i dread and fear them.
Im on nights over Christmas week and new years week

mrsmiawallace Mon 29-Nov-04 20:42:09

god donbeam, you must be exhausted! you are a very strong woman.x

Donbean Mon 29-Nov-04 20:44:23

I find chocolate,chocolate chocolate helps.
Heheheh they have a bar waiting for me at the begining of every night shift my lovely coleagues!
OH and coffee x

tiredemma Mon 29-Nov-04 20:48:01

my god donbean- im surprised your not in hospital yourself. is there nobody to help you with childcare during the day?- god ive got nothing to moan about compared with what your doing. gold star from me!

Donbean Mon 29-Nov-04 20:56:15

we have MIL to have DS but she can only do 1 afternoon. After a night shift i would want her to have him in the morning which she cant do.
Also i dont drive any where after a night, i drive home then dont get in the car again that day because i am quite frankly dangerous. I cant remember the journey home sometimes so im certainly not taking DS out in the car. I would have to take him to MIL's.
As i say i only work 2 nights (split) every 4 weeks so i do evntually catch up.

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