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Thinking of becoming a slimming world consultant.

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Horsiemummy Thu 24-Jan-08 20:13:27

hi all,
just wondering if there were any slimming world consultants on here who would dish the whole truth!!. all i can seem to find on the net are consultants who are deleriously happy and chirp on about how much money they earn. TBH i went to a oppertunities evening and was a bit shocked by how much its costs you to get started and also by the percentage of your takings that goes back to slimming world. i kinda dismissed it but the idea just keeps going round in my head because i think i would be a good consultant - ive lost 2st on SW and am always raving about the plan to anyone who will listen.
just wondered if there was any downside to being a consultant, and tbh how long before you have made back your franchise fee and you start to make any money for yourself.

heres hoping someone can help

CurlY21 Tue 07-Feb-17 20:40:56

Hi Munksmun,

what you said is very interesting!
I wish you good luck and I am sure you will make some profits!
you seem to be hard-working!

But I don't understand. Are you an employee of SW when you are consultant or self-employed? what is your legal statut as a consultant?

Sorry for the question. I am studying law and it is interesting for me.

Thank you!


0shinebright0 Tue 07-Feb-17 19:22:21

sorry Mia didn't see your post!! wish I could answer you hun! I'm considering it as well but can't decide bc of the earning issues
let's see xx

0shinebright0 Tue 07-Feb-17 19:18:53

Hi there, know this thread been dead for a while but I'm planning on becoming a SW consultant and although this topic taught me a lot already, I wanted to know how much you guys paid to start in the SW business? I thought also it's quite difficult to earn good incomes and it mostly depends on how much effort you put in promoting your group right? still I'd like to know how you get paid it seems many consultants work for less than min wage!!

MiaR11 Fri 03-Feb-17 13:49:36

Hi everyone!
Sorry to (again) reopen this topic, but I have a few concerns... I was thinking about applying to become a SW consultant, but after reading about all the difficulties and the high fees you guys mentioned i'm kinda demotivated...
What exactly is the status of the consultant? (freelance, employee, self-employed?) What is written in the contract?
Thank you!!

Kiansmum06 Sun 17-Jul-16 17:36:05

I just attended the consultants event last Friday. Yes the £1500 sounds a lot of money but if you do research into franchises it's certainly one of the cheapest. Yes they expect it done a certain way at certain times etc but that's so members have the same experience even if they are at a different group and know nobody they will know where to stand etc. You get all your kit for that too including a few hundred pounds worth of books and hi fi bars which you then sell and get the money. I was impressed with there support system tbh and talking to consultants there they say the earnings are good if you work and build your group to good numbers. SW don't want you to have a small group and earn £30 a week they want you to help as many peope as possible thus earning good money. It's in their interest to support you. I'm def going for it. I'm not afraid of hard work. I don't expect to make a fortune in five mins but I will get to help people like I was helped to get there lives back and doing that my income will grow. Good luck all. I can't wait to go for it tbh

Beckiashy Sun 24-Jan-16 19:35:20

Sorry opening this up again.
I am very much considering becoming a SW consultant, with me eventually finishing my full time job for it to then be my full time/part time job. Happy with hard work and definitely wanting to put the hours in, it will fit in with my children and no more childcare costs.
My question is when you set up can you only take over an existing group (if that consultant is leaving) or do you have to find and arrange you own venue? If so do you get help guidance on this as its all new to me.
Also is the fee still £1500 and do you get any 'materials' in that or is that purely to buy in to the franchise and you have to buy the rest?
Thank you x

lighteningirl Thu 16-Jul-15 13:50:17

Yes the fee is higher now £1500 but so are the earnings SW has seen a massive growth in last two years and earnings if you get the right hall/area and promote it properly are really good. Meetings are now more or less compulsory but training is fantastic. I find the company very pushy and you are expected to conform 100% it's not really a part time job and I wouldn't be able to do it if I had another job. They will always try to make you takeover a relief group as it m makes managers figures look better. I have been a consultant for ten years and wouldn't recommend it wholeheartedly because HO won't back you up and expect you to give non stop but if you can stand your ground groups are very very rewarding.

lenniejive Mon 06-Jul-15 14:26:23

Anyone able to add to this for 2015? What are the costs like? I heard £1500 is that right?. can you just not attend the evening/weekend meetings? Have they started to go online a bit more ie emailing stuff? What happens if you don't attend?

Cadburysmirnoff Sun 11-May-14 09:19:19

I'm considering SW as a career opportunity. I have been a member for a number of years and feel I have the confidence to support others. I'm not afraid of hard work and I have a full time job 37 hours per week. I'm attending an ops event soon and this thread has highlighted some questions for me.

1. Will I recoup my money ... Yes if I work hard.
2. Will people attend? Probably but I will need to consider social team etc if it's a new group.
3. Credit check ... No CCJ or bankruptcy so I should be ok
4. Will I be able to inspire people to lose weight? I hope so
5. Best buy some flat shoes for leafleting !

Babyboys03 Mon 28-Apr-14 16:37:55

Hi I'm currently looking to buy in to a sw franchise I've read loads of comments and found most of them very true full and helpful but only thing that's missing from the feeds is r u guys buying into 1 franchise or more has folks aren't explaining this so when they put there figures up I'm thinking oh dear! I'm looking I to buying a 2 double franchise has I'm going into this 110% !!!! has the fees are increasing very soon !!!! So I'm i guessing right theses figures is just a single franchise. ??? Can someone help please xxx

purplejo1010 Mon 17-Mar-14 22:10:36

Hi does anyone have a copy of the licence agreement? It would be interesting to have a read of it before I get bombarded with info and set up know, read it and make a more informed choice on expectations etc. Thank you x

Legg1234 Sat 08-Mar-14 21:20:25

Can anyone help? I'd like to start a sw franchise after attending an opportunity event. I know sw run a credit check even if you don't want finance to set up. Through no fault of my own I have a poor credit raiting. I know I will fail,the credit check. Does anyone know if there is a way around this and if you can still become a consultant. I am more than happy to do a criminal records check. Just because I have bad credit doesn't mean I can't be trusted with running a franchise! Would really appreciate any thoughts/ help. Thank you.

NicQ Mon 18-Nov-13 20:55:35

I'm 100% commited to SW and have lost over 5 stone since having my daughter 11 months ago.
I've read this whole thread and thx to every1 that's added there experiences it's a great insight to the world of SW!
I'm going to an ops event in a few weeks, I went to one a few years ago so know what to expect but was full time at the time so know I couldn't give it my all, I've now recently returned to work 4days per week after mat leave and feel it could be the right time to become a consultant to not only help members but hopefully in the future earn enough to maybe drop another day at work and spend more time with my lil'one, my day job is long hours which I miss my daughter terribly but it's my career so don't want to give it up but would love to drop another day at some point so I had more 'day time' hours with my daughter as could do the majority of SW when she's in bed (obviously not the leafleting)

joyhg Mon 28-Oct-13 16:28:52

Cor, that really is an interesting thread and explains why I have an ex-sw consultant working with me now in my business!
It doesn't sound terrible, just a little hyped up. All these things take hard work and time, which most people are happy with... if it pays well!!! Good luck to you all x

fluffy74 Tue 22-Oct-13 21:41:18

Hi, sorry to sound ignorant but I've not heard of the Cambridge diet, how does it work? X

sallyp79 Sat 19-Oct-13 19:28:02

hi, I looked into slimming world and a few other and in the end went with cambridge weight plan. it was a smaller outlay and you are allowed to run it much more as your own business. You dont run groups (although you can if you want) but more often see people one on one. Each consultation lasts about 15 mins and i make about £15 for each consultation. Your aren't tied to doing the same times each week as you just arrange meetings with your clients on a week by week basis on what suits you so its really flexible. I have a child so this fits perfectly. Feel free to ask any questions and i'm more than happy to answer (or give me a bell on 07843411144).

fluffy74 Wed 16-Oct-13 18:19:23

hi everyone, i know this thread is quite old but hope that there is someone on here that may give an insight. i too have been to an opportunities event and decided to 'go for it' despite the upfront fees. my interview appointment has, to say the least ,been a whirl wind of yes this day, no sorry that day and time, oh sorry again this time! i have been nothing but open and accomadating to every change but when i needed to cancel my interview due to problems beyond my control i have been blanked! i had said i was still interested but would had to put it off for a few months. i have also read that the amount of earnings isnt exactly what was 'promised' at the meeting either, most people are saying they earn only £25-£30 per meeting, not going to feed my family is it?! i am prepared to do all the promoting it takes and know that it will be hard work to build up a group, but is it worth such a large outlay for such a small return?

24slim Sun 01-Sep-13 01:32:04

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Emilysmom Mon 26-Aug-13 18:30:48

Hi I'm also thinking of becoming a Sw consultant, I'm still on maternity leave so am wondering can I do this whilst I'm on maternity, will my maternity money be stopped or altered? Thanks 😄

ldt2911 Thu 15-Aug-13 09:30:44

I have recently been to an opportunity event and have all the information to make an informed choice about becoming a SW consultant (or not!)
I am excited by the prospect of doing a role such as this but also a bit nervous, like anyone - thinking 'will I get people through the doors'? 'Will I make more money than I spend?' 'Will people take me seriously and see me as inspirational as I have not got to target yet- still 1.5 stone away?'
Thank you all for your frank discussion comments - it helps to know that I'm feeling similar to how others feel. I guess as many have said, you get out of things what you put in and it is a business so it's up to me to make it grow!
I am just coming to the end of my maternity leave and have resigned from my well paid full time job to care for my son and as I am passionate about food optimising I feel that's am the right person to help others - especially when my former role is in the nursing profession - it's in my nature!
I'm thinking of asking friends to assist with the leafleting (as well as my husband!) and will repay them with a SW dinner or meal and get together!
I am a positive person and although it gives me the jeebies when I think of not getting 25+ folk through the doors, but if I don't try then how will I know? What I do know is that it will be less stressful and demanding than my previous role and that can only be a good thing!
Anyone else got any experiences - good or not so? flowers

Fairygen Wed 24-Jul-13 13:12:48

Our group has been without a permenent leader for over a year. Although i've been to sw before, this time, I've only been at group for 3 weeks and only lost 7lbs ( minimum of 2 stone to go).

Do you have to be near/ at your goal weight to become a consultant? I know at WW you used to have to be within so many lbs either side.

It is certainly something I would be interested in in the future but don't feel I have enough experience of the actual diet yet.

WestDentonCC Tue 16-Jul-13 12:40:57

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

carlsmam Tue 02-Jul-13 03:32:24

Hi folks, my consultant mentioned to me a while ago that she thought I'd make a good consultant. When she told me she'd paid £600 for the franchise though, it put me off, as I don't have that kind of money to hand, and the thought of setting up a new group and the possibility of no one turning up kind of put me off!
Last night though, she told me she's giving up at the end of next month due to family commitments, and asked me to think about taking over. It's an established group, and I know most of the members, as I weigh for her at present, so seems like less of an initial risk.
Just looking for advice/tips really? Is it still £600/£1,000 initial fee, or has it gone up?
Cheers x

jojo5568 Mon 17-Jun-13 14:30:37

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babyjane1 Sat 11-May-13 15:56:51

Hi guys, I'm currently on the plan and my friend is a consultant, I'm ready to get back to work now my wee one is 3 and really like the idea of joining slimming world as a consultant. Can anyone update me with how they got on following the last posts when a few of you were checking it out.

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