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'Retaileyes' mystery customer scam or genuine company??

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thefabfour Fri 11-Jan-08 23:42:06

I signed up at a couple of mystery customer sites in the hope of getting some work (my boss used to do it and said it was good fun.)

Have recently been offered some work by a oompany called 'Retail Eyes'. They rang me at home and I returned their call so I'm pretty sure that they are genuine. Can anyone confirm?

Scramble Fri 11-Jan-08 23:53:10

I am signed up with retail eyes,

Poss asignments have been in
Llyods Chemist,
Chain of optiticans,
Chain of family restaurants.

You get a brief telling you specific things to check or ask about, could be do they have a certain sign at the till or did they ask if you want stamps.

Other basic stuff to note each time like greetings, cleanliness, how many staff on floor etc.

You have to remember everything as you can't take notes in the shop.

I never took any of their jobs on as they payed approx £6-7 per visit, which if you were in town anyway isn't too bad as it won't take more than 1hr. It was all the faffing about writing it up and sending it in that put me off, plus not many jobs in my area.

I had done merchandising so did a few one off jobs for a merchandising company. Never doubted retaileyes genuineness though.

madamez Fri 11-Jan-08 23:55:02

Grassroots mystery shopping are OK as well - they pay up when they say they will and the jobs are quite varied.

berkschick Sat 12-Jan-08 23:12:25

I have done some mystery shops for retail eyes in the past, they are a genuine company and do pay up on time.

ihateironing Sun 13-Jan-08 20:48:56

yeah ive worked for retail eyes but havent had emails off them in a while

thefabfour Mon 14-Jan-08 14:21:33

Thank you everyone for your replies. I have just completed my first assignment and quite enjoyed it!

softly Sun 19-Dec-10 15:48:47

I have just sgned up to retail eyes and as yet have not undertaken any assignments. The fee there clients offer are just not enough to cover any expenses and give some kind of profit. Will keep trying though who knows what the future can bring.

softly Thu 30-Dec-10 12:16:19

To follow on does anyone else have experience of other Mystery Shopper sites.

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