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How far in advance should you arrange childcare?

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Eggy Tue 22-Oct-02 11:51:12


Following on from my 'Confused' thread (tx for all replies), how far in advance should I arrange any childcare?

I have applied for a great job and I haven't even been offered an interview yet, but should I be making arrangements as if I have the job rather than waiting?

My worry is what if I get the job and I have left it too late to arrange any childcare?

Sorry if I sound neurotic, but when I first went back to work, my mum had DS (not possible now) so I've not had to do this before.


Azzie Tue 22-Oct-02 11:56:27

It probably depends on where you live - where I live, if you want to get your under-2 into a nursery you have to apply before they are born (I'm not joking - I put dd down for her nursery when I was 12 weeks pg, and even then she only got a place because they expanded the baby room at just the right time - and that was even allowing for her getting preferential treatment on the waiting list because her big brother was already there).

If I were you I would do some ringing round childminders etc and find out availability - that should give you a better idea of what you need to do and when.

prufrock Tue 22-Oct-02 12:04:21

I agree with Azzie - dd only got place at preffered nursery because of expansion - and I put her name down when I was 12 weeks pregnant, and dh confirmed the application and paid deposit when she was 14 hours old.
DD is now 5 1/2 months and we are looking at pre-prep schools, before we even look for houses in the areas taht we want to be in. I think it is really terrible taht we have to do this, but in London it seems necessary. Don't know what we'll do whe selection is based on ability rather than first come basis as I am determined not to get that competitive.

Bozza Tue 22-Oct-02 12:13:19

Having read things like this I enquired at a local Nursery when pregnant but was told that they wouldn't put DS on the list until he was born. We had no problem getting him in to the local nursery of our choice for the days of our choice from 15 weeks of age by booking at 2 weeks of age. But we live in a village in Yorkshire. Other people I know who have put older babies/toddlers into the Nursery have had to wait about 6 weeks for a place.

bundle Tue 22-Oct-02 12:20:52

I put my name down at a (close to) workplace subsidised nursery before dd was born - and was told there was a 15mth waiting list. when she was about 5 mths old there was still a 15 mth waiting list - and we got her into another place, but only by the skin of our teeth. we're in London so it's particularly acute, but under-2's places are thin on the ground. also if you leave it late you may feel panicked into going for something you would normally not feel 100% about. good luck

Alibubbles Tue 22-Oct-02 12:29:23

I have had six enquiries in the last two days about looking after new babies, These are all for Sept/Oct next year!

I tell people that I can't make any arrangements until the baby is born, but they are welcome to come and see me and what I offer.

I have a total of 12 on a waiting list for next year so far!

bundle Tue 22-Oct-02 12:34:22

Eggy - forgot to say, the place with the 15 mth waiting list finally offered us a place once dd had been in her current nursery for 5 we stayed where we are. but it's clear people are hedging their bets and putting their names down at lots of places, so you may be lucky

Eggy Thu 24-Oct-02 07:58:55

Tx for your answers, although they have made me even more panicky.

I shall start ringing round today.

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