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New Phoenix Trader

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jsay Wed 05-Dec-07 11:00:08

I've recently started as a Phoenix Trader and I'm looking for other Traders to chat with - I think this has to be over private email coz of restrictions by Phoenix (am I right?). It all seems to be great but I've still got a lot of stock to sell and I've made a mistake with an order so would like to know if anyone has the stock I'm looking for.

Hope to hear from some of you.

Honeymum Wed 19-Dec-07 21:58:47

Hi jsay, you need to access the phoenix4fun forum for advice, help and tips. You need to send an email to join see (the email address is buried in the centre of the page). You might be able to find out more about this forum from your Phoenix sponsor. Good luck!

erinart Tue 14-Oct-08 10:58:59


I'm not getting past the first page which is orange and white and says "Welcome"!

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