How do you deal with stress?

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Babyroobs Sat 03-Apr-21 15:11:43

I got asked this question in an interview last week and replied that I liked to walk my dogs and drink Gin. interviewers laughed and talked about their dogs and found out we had the same breed of dogs and that they liked Gin to. Got offered the job.

Aruchi Sat 03-Apr-21 10:52:35

Hey I have recently written a blog about giving great interviews. This might help.

Pinkraven Fri 02-Apr-21 22:59:10

Meditation, exercise, eating well, appropriate breaks and pacing work appropriately

Kaleidoscopecascade Fri 02-Apr-21 13:29:07

How would you answer how do you deal with stress in an interview? Any answer I come up seems wrong.

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