Holiday accrued whilst on maternity

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Aprilbaby21 Tue 24-Nov-20 21:32:02

Hi all,

Quick question.

My manager is telling me that i have to use the holiday that i accrued whilst being on maternity within 3 months of returning back to work.
I have always been under the assumption that i have until the end of the holiday year to use them. (My former employment, i spread them across the year)

So for example , holiday year at current job is April - March.
I go off on Maternity end of March 2021 and not using any of my new entitlement as it hasnt been released.
I go back to work in April 2022 so i have 30 days accrued whilst on maternity plus 30 day of new entitlement for 2022 and i have until March 2023 to use all these.

Can anyone confirm? (If it makes sense)

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Missmonkeypenny Tue 24-Nov-20 21:35:33

Here you go, OP.

I'm returning to work in January after a year off and have tagged the 4 weeks I've accrued onto the end of my leave as I am only going back one day a week but could have carried it over had I wanted to.

Aprilbaby21 Tue 24-Nov-20 21:44:41

This is the exact screen shot i sent to her.

She is also pregnant and is leaving to go on maternity in January. She said HR told her she can carry over any holiday until she comes back that she has accrued this year, but has to use it within 3 months. As soon as she just messaged me that, i realised that she must be getting confused with the remaining holiday of this year, to what she will accrue next year if that makes sense
So any holiday she accrues from January 2021 until March 2021 (end of holiday year) would have to be used within 3 months but holiday she accrues after March she can carry over until end of March 2023...
Does that make sense?

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