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Lunch ideas please!

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FatGirlShrinking Mon 16-Nov-20 18:51:21

Do you have access to a microwave and/or kettle?

- sandwich/wrap
- salad - pasta/rice/quinoa
- porridge
- sushi
- leftovers from night before
- break 2 eggs into a jar/Tupperware add seasoning, pinch of cheese, chopped spring onion/peppers. Cook in work microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring in between for veg filled scrambled eggs.
- cook up a jacket potato the night before then just reheat at work
- pot noodle/pasta pot

GolfMad54 Mon 16-Nov-20 18:43:34

Fast and eat at home.
Porridge for lunch and skip breakfast
Just soups.
Obviously sandwiches , wraps and crisps.. depends what diet you are following really.

littleeggcup Mon 16-Nov-20 14:11:19

I start a new job tomorrow; been out of work for a while. What ideas can you recommend for packed lunches?!

I have some homemade soup that I can bring in but what else?

Also on a diet sad so can't be too bad!!

Thank you !! Xx

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