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Returning to work before handing in notice

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Lemily1 Wed 07-Oct-20 09:10:19

Hi - thanks for taking the time to read.

I'll be calling the CAB for official advice, however I'd like some to gain some insight into how others have gone about this, if at all.

I'm meant to be returning to work in January. I have no childcare as grandparents have unfortunately became ill recently. I've worked out childcare cost, work expenses etc and I just can't afford to go back. It makes no sense to do so.

I've been advised to apply for universal credit 6 weeks prior to my SMA running out. However, I'm hoping to return to work in January, take my remaining holiday and then switch to universal credit. Has anyone else done this? I feel like I'm being sly but at the same time it's my holiday and could have taken it last year on the run-up to mat leave but I decided to save it for the end.

My questions are around the universal credit and handing in my notice. Do I book my holiday spread across a few weeks (I'd be going back 3 days a week so will take 12days in one month) I'd have to hand in my notice on week one of holiday so I'm not forced to work as my notice period is 4 weeks. Do I tell universal credit the end of work date prior to informing my employer (will need to do application 6 weeks prior to holiday ending but my employer won't know I'm leaving at that point.) I'll know the date my employment will end as I will be handing notice in, however will this suffice for universal credit application?

It's been a tough decision but I know I'm making the right one not going back. For the sake of a few pounds I'd rather be with my daughter.

Thanks for taking the time out, hope someone has experienced something similar.

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Ginfilledcats Wed 07-Oct-20 09:37:52

Regarding your holidays, just check that they are what you are actually entitled pro rata. For example if your annual leave year runs April to April and you leave in January you will only get 9 months worth of the annual leave not the full years worth!

Other than that I have no advice, but sounds like a sensible decision for you and your family at this time. Good luck.

Though saying that I think I read on here you can't claim UC if you voluntarily leave your job. But I might be wrong!!

Ilikewinter Wed 07-Oct-20 09:42:03

No advice on UC but could you just resign and then your employer would pay you any owed holidays, no need to go back then at all?

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