Anyone work in renewable energy...?

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SquishySquirmy Tue 08-Sep-20 16:39:32

....Especially in an engineering or project management role.

How did you break into it?

I work in a different industry as an Engineer and want to move into the renewables industry. But although I have some transferable skills and some basic knowledge of the industry I am struggling to see how I can move sideways... (I am fine with starting in a junior role).

I have been accepted onto a part time masters degree in renewable energy (from a decent university) but now I am trying to decide whether or not the masters will be worth it!

The course content looks very interesting, and I know I will find the study itself rewarding. However, it is a lot of time and money (~£10,000) and I am worried about whether the masters will help at all when it comes to applying for jobs in the future...

I want to do the course but I don't think can justify the cost unless there is at least a chance it will help with future career prospects.

The other issue is my last degree is just a BEng and a masters would help with chartership anyway...

I keep going backwards and forwards! Aaaargh!

Any advice or experience would be very welcome.

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RednaxelasLunch Fri 11-Sep-20 15:00:25

Have you searched for jobs at all?

That will give you a clue as to what's actually available

shewasright Sat 10-Oct-20 10:28:41

Hi, did you get any further with this? I am looking at applying for an online Msc in this sector- hoping to start early 2021 if accepted. I may struggle as I don't have a background in engineering but biological science. From the course content on the Msc I am looking at I think I will be geared more towards the policy and environment areas later down the line for work. I think RE will be a good sector for future prospects though which is my driving force for going in this direction and why I will be happy to just get my foot in the door. I have no idea about the industry itself so couldn't advise you on our move but your background in engineering sounds very promising and an asset to your ability to find work...

SquishySquirmy Sat 10-Oct-20 10:59:35

Yes, I started the MSC in renewable energy engineering. Early days but really enjoying the course so far!
The course I am doing is quite broad (which I like). So I imagine that different backgrounds will find different aspects easy/hard. Eg, with a biological sciences background you would probably find the biomass lectures much easier than me (involved quite a bit of chemistry, which I've not done since school).
Renewables are such a broad sector... Biomass (especially anaerobic digestion) is probably the technology with the biggest connection to biological sciences. But it is quite a small part of the energy mix. As a biologist, are you good with data? Could you leverage that? I think that data handling skills are increasingly in demand across many industries including renewables. Policy and environment look good too, I have seen job adverts before for environmental advisors etc.

Good luck!

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SquishySquirmy Sat 10-Oct-20 13:02:20

BTW Edx, future learn and Open Learn often have some (mainly free) courses and resources on renewable energy if you were looking for some background learning before starting a course. I did a bit of learning this way but I decided I wanted more formal study as well (eg the Msc). They were good preparation though.

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shewasright Sun 11-Oct-20 09:25:42

Great to hear you you went ahead and are enjoying it! Thats encouraging! Yes I may try and build on my background with the biomass route but I don't want to specialise early on if I don't have to. Also Im a total newbie to the industry so hoping whilst I do the course the sector will grow and more work avenues will come up.

Those courses would be great- thanks for the suggestion! If I get accepted I will let you know. Are there any industry bodies you have on your radar? you mention charter ship- is that with the Royal Academy of Engineering?

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