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Retrain at 57

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Morehousework Sat 05-Sep-20 09:45:02

Hi, desperate for advice! Had a brilliant career in advertising as a creative till kids and a move 15 years ago.
Dh works so I do everything else, but he would like me to earn, so would I - im utterly bored and isolated. I try and paint to sell on Etsy and don’t seem to get anywhere, dh tells me I need a proper job and as I have a degree I should get one and I’m kidding myself.
Maybe I am, but I am soooo demotivated and confused , how do I retrain? What can I do? Don’t even know where to start. My strengths are art and design but this is such a competitive and young persons world.
Sorry, just feeling so stuck. Did not want to be a bored housewife, and that’s what seems to have happened.

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dooratheexplorer Sun 06-Sep-20 21:09:05


wornoutmum40 Mon 28-Sep-20 17:57:08

Have you considered doing some volunteering? It's an excellent way of gaining new skills, meeting people and getting that all important reference for your CV. If you really want to do something different you will, you just need to find the confidence to do it, good luck!

Terrysnotyours Mon 28-Sep-20 18:02:06

I’m not sure I would retrain in your shoes because getting a job after due to your age could be a lot harder than your DH thinks. I definitely think volunteering is a great idea as you get the actual experience and a feel for what you might like to go into job wise.

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