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Help- job application question!

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ImForeverBlowingBoobles Wed 19-Aug-20 18:25:03

Hi everyone, I think I've completed too many job applications as I'm now at a place where I can't even understand a question on one of them!

The first question in one of the applications says 'Track record of managing processes effectively - ability to motivate and support volunteers to provide consistent support ....'

Can anyone help with the first part of that question? What does track record of managing processes mean?!
I can talk about business processes etc, I can talk about volunteer processes too but I don't want to waffle on for it to be completely wrong.

I think I may have completed too many applications and I need to take a rest.
I'd be grateful for anyone's thoughts please. TIA

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maxelly Thu 20-Aug-20 11:30:53

Love these vague job application questions! It could mean anything, in my job which is HR it would usually mean recruitment processes, or employee relations processes, but it would be totally dependent on the job.

At a guess, as the second part of the question relates to volunteers, they want you to talk about the kind of processes volunteers would be involved in/run, as otherwise you're effectively answering two different questions, one about processes and one about managing volunteers?? Does that make sense in the context of the job you're applying for?

ImForeverBlowingBoobles Thu 20-Aug-20 12:41:58

Hi Maxelly, that makes perfect sense but, for some reason, it just wasn't making sense to me yesterday!
Thanks for the reply.

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