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Teaching Assistant - application form - HELP!!

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PandaG Wed 03-Oct-07 14:27:14

I haven't completed an application form for 8 years, and have one to do by Friday. There is just a big blank space for me to say why I could do the job, and a list of competences/personal spec I have to match up to. I was a teacher many moons ago, and have been a CM since, so am sure OI must have the relevant experience, but just don't know how to put it down. Specifically how do I answer 'understanding of relevant policies/codes of practice and awareness of relevant legislation' can't think of relevant legislation - obv I have some understanding of NC

also 'can manage the behaviour of pupils in a reasonable manner'

do I do a 'when teaching I followed the school's management behaviour policy, commuinicating concerns to the from tutor, head of department and parents as necessary...'

Have never done a formn that is just one big scary blank space!!

Thanks for reading smile

PandaG Wed 03-Oct-07 14:41:30


WitnessProtectionCod Wed 03-Oct-07 14:46:38

have oyu been in?

ok make a chart of the key competences and a space on the ohter side ofr you
you mUST try and think of as much as you can

relevant codes - " afetr 4 years ass a hcold minder i haev a keen grasp of the expectaions of a ta as regards healtht ans safety, confidentiality, and foundation stage(whatever the education plan thing is called).

in my years caring for the under 5s and some school aged xhildern i haev had to manage avairety of suiiataions( then mentions say kids unhappy at school, kids too tired atht ehend of the day - maybe kdis hwose grandparents/pets have died etc) and i think i learned a lot abotu how to ensure the safety and happinsess and how to foster simotional intelligence of the kdis in my care.

Obviosuly as i worked on a self imployed bassi not within a school i haev not had to deal wiht tutors and otehr heads of dpartemtnes before but i haev liased with parents and health visitors(maybe?) and ofsted inspectors in a preofessional and repsectful manner - raising issues i was concerned about and not being afraid to ask for help

PandaG Wed 03-Oct-07 14:51:45

thanks Cod, that gives me a great start smile

I haven't been into the school no, was waiting on the result of a previous interview (didn't get it!) and this appn is due in on Friday. I am treating it as a bit of a trial run tbh, get me back in the swing as TA and other school admin jobs seem to be coming up fairly frequently.

WitnessProtectionCod Wed 03-Oct-07 14:52:18

id go and ask to ahev an inforal look aroudn afster chool on thrusday

let me knwo if you get stuck aagin

PandaG Wed 03-Oct-07 14:52:48

will definitely ask to visit the schools where the forms need to be in next Fri (thank goodness for online applications with this postal strike!)

mrsmerton Wed 03-Oct-07 14:55:39

I have to fill in a teaching assistant application for friday too, and am facing the same dilemma. I find there are certain 'buzzwords' used in education now, and the form is full of them.. Sounds like you have really good experience to be a TA, good luck (as long as its not the same job I'm going for!!) grin

PandaG Wed 03-Oct-07 14:58:18

secondary - sheffield! are some for primary for the following week which I think my recent experience may make me more suitable for!

PandaG Thu 04-Oct-07 11:02:31

well, finished my form, just going to get DH to cast an eye over it tonight before I send it tomorrow. THansk for advice Cod, I may be back next week fo rthe next application!

How are you doing with your form Mrsmerton? ok I hope smile

mrsmerton Thu 04-Oct-07 11:22:48

Thanks Panda, I handed my form in this morning. Tried to strike the right balance between educational buzzwords and 'please employ me I'm a really nice person'.

We'll see. The school used to just promote dinner ladies to be teaching assistants, but now they are doing it properly! (I knew I should have become a dinner lady when I had the chance, degree or no degree)

Good luck with yours! Let me know how you get on. wink

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