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LSA interview

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pasteldechocolateconchispa Thu 13-Aug-20 14:53:02

Hi all

Not sure if in the right place.

I’ve got a virtual interview on 18/8 for LSA at secondary school they’ve said I’ll have a task to complete before.

Any pointers, advice etc never had anything like this I was feeling confident and now not so much.

I have worked in primary as smsa and after school club for 5 years and prior to this was a PCSO

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GisAFag Thu 13-Aug-20 23:28:48

Main stream or SEND? Do you know what year class you'd ben in? Different approaches. Google LSA/TA interview tasks..might be design a poster for KS3 English literature class.. Youd need to know books school uses.. E. G Which Shakespeare.

pasteldechocolateconchispa Fri 14-Aug-20 08:05:51

It’s mainstream no idea what year group. My DD is in year 7

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woodhill Fri 14-Aug-20 08:08:53

Might be a mock lesson scenario and how you could support the students during that time.

mrsmuddlepies Fri 14-Aug-20 08:13:33

You will be fine OP. You have experience. You understand the process of support at KS2 which will be beneficial at KS3. Perhaps think about how you might differentiate a written task to make it more accessible for a student with dyslexia. It is possible they will give you a worksheet and ask how you could adapt it.
Schools will all be advertising posts come September.

pasteldechocolateconchispa Fri 14-Aug-20 12:47:13

That’s great thanks everyone have some things to look up and get some ideas

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