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CIPD level 5 worth doing?

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entrytohr Wed 29-Jul-20 17:09:53

Name change, I've been here a while!

I'm looking into doing my CIPD level 5 through ICS. I'm looking both for reviews of ICS for this, and information on whether the CIPD training is worth doing when not in a HR job? It's HR that I want to work in, I'm job searching at the moment but due to covid it's going slowly. Currently I'm a carer for my son and volunteer 1 day a week, but now have childcare available to work "properly".

I'm not sure if doing the course without the job experience will mean it's pointless doing it? My voluntary role includes things like policy writing and risk assessing so there is some crossover, but it's largely admin based. I've also got a degree in English that I've never actually used for anything!

Wary of spending £2K if it's not likely to prove useful, but more than happy to if there's a good chance that it might!

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ankedocherty Wed 05-Aug-20 20:02:34

Hi there, I would definitely say, go for it. Probably not level 5 as a start, but rather a level 3 and progress from there. It's always a chicken and egg situation with a degree and work experience, however having this qualification will set you apart from others. I would also recommend to get a really good overview over your skills and see how you can apply those to the HR world. A lot of skills in general are transferrable. Good luck!

NextName2020 Sun 09-Aug-20 10:15:47

I finished it a couple of months ago. I honestly think it was a very poor course - some materials out of date, biased towards large companies with enormous HR depts, research studies HR practices seem to be based on 100 years old! I am glad I did it as I read more widely around the subject (as I couldn’t believe the course content was the most recent research on the subject in some cases) so it did encourage me to learn but as an online course I didn’t meet any peers in other orgs and had no challenging interactions with a tutor (It was just ‘write this to pass the exam’).

My employer paid the fees - I am very lucky and glad to have had the opportunity but I think it is ridiculously overpriced and it has negatively affected my view of the CIPD who are apparently partnered with the company I did this course with/official course.

NextName2020 Sun 09-Aug-20 10:16:32

Sorry to be negative. I felt I had to post that before you spend thousands of pounds.

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