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*Not* going back with school age kids?

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BB8sm8 Wed 22-Jul-20 03:37:19

I’ve been volunteering at school & a charity the last few years while my youngest settled into school, he’s now going into y2 & my eldest is y5. We’re lucky in that financially we can cope at the moment on 1 income, I was recently offered a 4 day a week job but with holiday clubs, breakfast, afterschool & dog walker fees it didn’t work out financially. I do feel unfulfilled at home now, that’s why I looked for work, but paid work doesn’t seem to be the answer as the hours of any job I find don’t work with the school run, various school days off etc. DH works long hours & is often away, we have no family support do it does all fall to me. My youngest has also been hugely unsettled during lockdown & I worry about the impact on him if I’m not there for him in Sept as I have been, school will feel so different as it is. Has anyone else chosen to stay at home with school age kids?

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penelopeplums Wed 22-Jul-20 03:53:24

Could you do some studying with the OU while you are off ?

Rory786 Tue 01-Sep-20 21:46:28

I'm the same OP, my youngest is starting reception this week and I have a 5yr old and a 7 yr old. I would love to work but I wouldn't be able to do the school run and clubs they attend. I feel like my CV is getting very stagnant. Dh is the better paid one but sometimes I wish I could have the opportunity to work as well.....

I've just finished a degree with the OU. I did 6 years in 3 years and managed to get a First. It was really nice doing that for myself. I hope it will help me get a job.

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