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Approaching local employers for work- is this a thing?

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Smallsteps88 Sun 28-Jun-20 13:38:56

I’m hoping to start an accounting course in September. It’s 1 day a week in college. Until March I was a self employed cleaner and the plan is to go back to this work once schools are open again but I was wondering if it’s also worth contacting local accounting firms, explain that I am studying accounting, and asking if they would consider employing me or having me in unpaid for a day a week so that I could gain experience.

Is that a thing or totally unrealistic? Should I wait until I start the course and speak with the tutor about how to approach the job aspect?

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AlCalavicci Sun 28-Jun-20 15:12:53

Although in a different field of work I have done just that.
In fact most of the jobs I have had have been because I have approached the company directly before they have advertised a job.
It does mean waiting until a position comes up which will not work for everyone but I was lucky enough each time to be asked in for a interview with in roughly two months of going to them.

You have not got anything to lose so why not give it a go .
Good luck !

RealityBased Sun 28-Jun-20 15:17:00

Different field but it's absolutely a thing in my line of work (professional services firm).

Expect to be turned down a lot of times before you're successful, though. In my line of work it's not unusual for student trainee spots to be filled a year in advance - especially since a lot of universities and colleges ask for a practical component, which students would obviously know way ahead of time.

Smallsteps88 Sun 28-Jun-20 15:18:09

Thank you AlCalavicci- I don’t mind if it takes time to hear anything back as I will be working at my cleaning job anyway so won’t be under pressure income wise.

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Smallsteps88 Sun 28-Jun-20 15:20:38

When contacting them do I write a cover letter and include a CV or just a letter with what course I’m studying?

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RealityBased Sun 28-Jun-20 15:31:46

Can't speak to the usual expectations in your field and area, obviously. But, yes, we normally get CVs, a covering letter outlining the person's motivations etc. and sometimes references etc.

A bog standard job application, basically, just not in response to an ad.

Smallsteps88 Sun 28-Jun-20 15:33:15

Thank you, that’s really helpful.

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AlCalavicci Sun 28-Jun-20 20:05:19

I agree with @RealityBased , send a CV but imo a clear but short cover letter that grabs there attention is the best way to stay in their mind , They are likely to get lots of CV so get yours in first with something they will remember .

Smallsteps88 Sun 28-Jun-20 21:06:32

Thank you!

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