Who's responsible for contacting regarding end of maternity leave

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GrassWasGreener Sun 21-Jun-20 07:03:16

I took my maternity leave for the full 26 weeks. Then I advised work I was taking the extended unpaid leave of 16 weeks too. A month ago my boss rings me, stating someone had asked in a meeting where I was and as he had thought I was taking 6 weeks extended leave he had better make sure I was ok. I corrected him and said 16 weeks. I commented that where had he been because if I was only taking 6 he was about 6 weeks over that and only ringing me now!?
He apologized and said in that case he would ring back nearer to the end of the 16 weeks. I said well surely we might as well have the conversation now. So we did, he said I had to take half my years holiday and all my bank holidays I had missed before I walk into the building. So he would work out my return date and then add my holiday days and give me an actual walk into the building date and drop me an email. He was also going to work out what they could offer me as I needed to reduce to part time.
That was a month ago and I have heard nothing since. I text a week ago and he said he would sort it out that day. Still nothing. I emailed Friday, having worked out the dates myself, putting it all into an email and asking him to confirm and make sure my annual leave I must take starts being put through and still nothing. I am not sure but is it my responsibility to chase him? I was due to start back last Monday, is this odd that a company/manager simply is not looking after that fact? Should I contact his/my higher ranking manager? I don't want to drop my manager into trouble but this can't go on for much longer.
I don't know why HR doesn't look after it, in my company each manager seems to sort out their own sections maternity/annual leave etc.

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Dk20 Sun 21-Jun-20 07:09:15

My dates including holidays were agreed before starting mat leave.
Two different jobs it was my manager that checked in with me before I returned to work.
First job, my manager rang a week or two before I was due back.
Second job, my manager rang early Oct and i wasnt due back until mid Dec.
I didn't hear anything at all from Oct to the day I was back in December.

RicStar Sun 21-Jun-20 07:14:31

Well you are entitled to 39weeks paid maternity leave, so I am not sure how your weeks add up. An employer has to assume you are taking 12 months leave if you say nothing, otherwise the data you say you are returning. I would probably phone someone as soon as possible now. Have you been paid correctly for the annual leave days tagged on? For the last week? I think you need to get on the phone and take control.

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