Any investment bankers who can advise me?

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NewToRenting Fri 19-Jun-20 19:29:22

Over 17 years and 2 countries, I worked my way up to VP at a well known investment bank (obtaining a masters degree along the way). Got laid off in the 2008 banking crisis, did contract work for a while, finally gave it up for personal reasons (bad bad decision!!) I took up part time teaching (adult learners) more as a hobby than a career.

8 years on, I can see that my kids will fly the nest in a few years. And watching my husband work from home, I realise how much I miss it all (not to mention the money!)

I was always a generalist, working on cross-product / cross departmental projects (seemed like a good idea at the time blush). I am now in my late 40s. I immersed myself in my 'new' life and do not have any contact with old colleagues. So not really sure whether it is possible for me to go back to banking.

I am happy to obtain some additional qualification/ certification. Hopefully I will be "market ready" when the economy emerges from the current crisis.

So here's my question. What certification/ further qualification if any would you advise me to take, assuming banks ever go into hiring mode again? Or is this a pipe-dream at my age?

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minipie Thu 16-Jul-20 00:21:41

I’m not a banker but I know several investment banks are running “returners” programs specifically to get ex-banker women with a career gap back into banking. Have a look!

Chochito Thu 16-Jul-20 00:29:46


Embra Thu 16-Jul-20 00:37:52

I suggest you don’t do qualification but actually work for smth banking/finance related. Maybe small bank or buy side or start up. Big companies will be a bit scared to take you back straight after gap, after cou ok e of years work no one will really care that you had a gap. And rightly mentioned above women are in demand due to diversity focus currently.

Ro198 Thu 16-Jul-20 00:52:55

I would say CFA as well or an agile course such as scrum master. I agree with minipie that it might not be necessary as there are a lot of schemes to help women go back to a career in financial services.

I think the fact you have experience as a contractor and perm will help you too. Maybe you could start looking for contracts at a lower daily rate than you were on so you can network internally then look to go permanent. As you have no notice to work this could go in your favour if they need someone to start quickly. Good luck!

Namenic Sat 18-Jul-20 17:04:28

Not an investment banker, but did a career switch. Why not look on jobs websites in your area/other places (if you don’t mind moving)?

See what you’d like to do (you probably have transferable skills so wouldn’t necessarily need to be finance). See what requirements are and how you meet them/what gaps they are. Then you can have a look at courses and up-skilling. Relatives who worked in investment banks moved into tech start-ups which either had banks as clients or interfaced with them. They are happier as better hours and feel like their effort makes a bigger difference. Also maybe management consultancy (don’t know much about this though)???

NewToRenting Tue 11-Aug-20 16:08:56

Thanks all, sorry for the late reply. I only just saw that my post had replies blush

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Alloutofusernames1 Tue 18-Aug-20 17:21:26

I did something pretty similar, taking a more 'parenting compatible' non-corporate career path for 18 years. I am proud of what I did in that time but I wish I had not had to make that choice. My old career back then was not compatible with family life at all.

I think a returnship is probably your best bet. Contracting could work if there are roles out there but I think it will be very competitive in the current climate. Worth trying that said.

Is there something that spans both your careers e.g. training in the banking world?

Good luck!

NewToRenting Mon 31-Aug-20 09:08:51

Thanks Allout and everyone else. I'm not in the UK currently but given the current climate may need to return in a hurry. Returnship and Banking training both on my radar to explore. It's daunting!

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