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Returning to work - will it help?!

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YellowDaffodils86 Sun 31-May-20 18:50:44

Just after some people's opinions and experiences.
I return back to work soon. The majority of my maternity leave has been slightly hard for me. I struggled with being alone all day after having a full time and full on job. I was suddenly at home with a baby to care for and i struggled to fill my time regardless of being as busy as possible.
With the last half of maternity leave being during lockdown, these feelings haven't really got better.
I love my baby, but i do find 24/7 with her a little stressful at times, i think this has been due to lockdown too.
I really hate not enjoying every minute with my baby and feel guilty for wanting time away now and again. Do you think returning to work part time will help restore some balance in my life and help me enjoy being a parent more? Did anyone find that returning to work was a turning point at all?

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Betty98 Sun 31-May-20 19:50:03

Hi, just wanted to say it’s so refreshing to read this. I have quite a full on job too. Started mat leave in May, baby born beginning of July. Have struggled with exactly the same. I felt so lonely. I was a horrible combination of bored with struggling to get out the house some days. Lockdown did make it easier for me because everyone was suddenly in the same boat. I’d have family who work full time suddenly wanting to FaceTime in the middle of the day etc. I think going back to work will help you, I’m sure it must do. You must be able to cherish the time more. Are you going back full time or part time? I think I’ll be WFH when I return.

givemecrisps Sun 31-May-20 19:51:49

I won't lie I loved returning to work. I was me again! I love being a mum but I have a job I really enjoy and felt almost lost without it. At work I'm not just a mum.

YellowDaffodils86 Sun 31-May-20 21:41:02

Thanks for replying
@Betty98 i am going back 3 days, although one day is a long day so i wont see her all day. She will be in bed by the time im home.
I will miss some aspects of mat leave but not the loneliness or the mundanity of it. I have been surprised at how much i haven't enjoyed it at times.

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ImFree2doasiwant Sun 31-May-20 21:44:41

Yes, absolutely going back to work will feel like you again
I loved it. Lots of people said "It's so hard to leave them isn't it?" Er , nope! I had done literally everything all of the time with my son. The only time I had away from him.was in prep for going back to work. His grandmothers were doing the childcare, he was happy with them. I got to work, use my brain, talk to adults, walk round the shops in my lunch break, eat/drink/wee on my own.

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