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AML and Notice Period

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AK1107 Wed 19-Sep-07 21:11:35

Hello. I'm not sure if I've got myself into a bit of a pickle. I initially told my employer that I might be coming back after my OML finishes (November) but I have actually decided not to go back at all. My problem is that I'm on a 4 month notice period! My employer has now asked me to confirm what i wish to do - i.e. do I want to take AML.

I don't want to mess my employer around so should I tell my employer now that I am not returning if so how does that work with my notice period and the fact they are expecting me back in under two months or do you think it is best to ask for AML and then give the relevant notice during AML?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


TheBlonde Wed 19-Sep-07 21:17:51

Do you have a copy of your ML policy?
Usually you just have to give 4 weeks notice to change your return date

As you can accrue annual leave during AML you should probably opt for that then give your notice during AML

Hope this makes sense

flowerybeanbag Thu 20-Sep-07 08:46:30

AK the way it works is your employer must automatically assume you won't be coming back until the end of your AML, unless you give them formal notice that you will be coming back earlier than that. It's fine to give an indication before you go off of what you think you might do, as you have done, but that's not at all binding, and officially unless you write giving 4 weeks notice that you want to come back early, then the position remains that your return date is the end of your AML.

You can imagine why this is - so many women change their mind about this once they have had their baby, as you have done! So asking women to confirm so early on what they will be doing is unworkable.

As far as your notice period is concerned, if you don't want to go back at all, you need to give notice in the same way as you normally would, i.e. 4 months before the end of your AML, so not for a while.

You say you don't want to mess them around, and you could give notice now if you are absolutely sure. But don't make any decisions about your actions based on messing them around - as I said, they have to be working on the assumption that you will not be coming back until the end of AML anyway, so if there is the slightest possibility that you might change your mind in the next few months, I would just let them know that you are planning to take your AML, and then resign at a later date if/when you are absolutely sure. You mustn't feel guilty about keeping your options open as long as possible, and as you are on 4 months notice anyway, even if you hand in your notice 4 months before the end of your AML, that still gives them plenty of time to sort out a permanent replacement.

Enjoy the rest of your mat leave anyway

flowerybeanbag Thu 20-Sep-07 08:47:27

Oh and of course as TheBlonde says, you do accrue holiday during AML now as well, so no need to relinquish that by handing in your notice early.

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