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Clingy baby and going back to!

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pookie81 Mon 17-Sep-07 15:17:42

I have a 1 year old DD who is VERY clingy. The time has come for me to return to work and I have no family close enough to take care of her during the day which means I need to put her into nursery. I will only be working for 5 hours a day, however she screams when I leave the room for 5 mins let alone hours. Anyone else had this problem??

todaywasfun Mon 17-Sep-07 20:57:11

yes, my DS was very clingy, an unputdownable baby. I chose a childminder close to work so that I would be near in case he was inconsolable or refused any food/drink other than from me (was also BFing). In the end, the CM never needed to get me. I think DS just got on with it. But he did like to make a scene when I left (still does, age 3), apparently he was/is fine the rest of the time.

callmeovercautious Mon 17-Sep-07 21:03:37

Pookie - have you been going to baby groups etc? How is she there? DD was clingy at home but very outgoing in a group so I chose Nursery and she loves it! Does not miss me at all. I think a CM would not have been right for her as she needs more people around to distract her from my absence.

Use trial days BEFORE you sign a contract so you don't have to pay a notice period if she hates it. When you take her. Kiss her and say bye bye, see you later (or whatever you use normally) hand her over/put her on the playmat and leg it! I cried the first 2 weeks - she didn't!

Good Luck!

todaywasfun Mon 17-Sep-07 21:33:32

Agree about the social thing. Our CM had loads of kids and DS enjoyed being around other kids, he still really does. Nursery would also give that. Also even if they make a huge fuss when first left, they do seem to settle down for the day very quickly.

DaDaDa Tue 18-Sep-07 11:34:44

Do you have a partner who can drop her off? We've just started at CM - DS is very clingy at the mo too. DW says goodbye at our house and I take him across in the pushchair.

He likes me enough to be happy to go for a walk (so he thinks), but doesn't care enough about me to kick up a fuss when I leave him. sad grin

Edmund37 Tue 18-Sep-07 13:17:06

I'm returning to work soon too - and dreading leaving my 2 year old, as she's never been left with anyone except family, and it's going to be all day too. Not looking forward to it. I would just ring the nursery for the first few morning, just to reassure yourself that dd is settling, I'm sure she will.

My 3 yr old dd has just started reception at the local primary, and she cries each morning, but always comes out at 3pm full of smiles and stories, I'm sure your dd will settle just fine. smile

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