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JoshandJamie Sun 16-Sep-07 06:47:02

I had my babies 19 months apart and the second pregnancy was an accident. But after having my first I asked my employer for flexible working and was basically laughed at.

So I went freelance. After baby number 2, I set up my own business.

I'm not earning as much as I did in fulltime employment but it's not far off and I work two full days a week at home, 2 half days a week at home and have one day off.

It has been very hard trying to fit all my work in and I find it particularly hard to go to networking events which tend to be after hours. I know I'm not doing as good a job as I could if I didn't also look after children, but I'm doing well enough to bring in a hefty chunk of money to the family pot, I feel fulfilled and I still get to spend time with my children.

Many people think setting up a business is too hard - but I am not entrepreneurial or a risk taker, and I've managed to do it. So don't forget about that as an option.

JoshandJamie Sun 16-Sep-07 06:47:56

Sorry - this was supposed to be on another thread - not here! Delete how?

MellowMa Sun 16-Sep-07 08:16:22

Message withdrawn

MellowMa Sun 16-Sep-07 08:17:01

Message withdrawn

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