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* We hate having to go back to work, we want to get preggers, let's all join up so we can see how we're all going! *

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walbert Fri 14-Sep-07 21:57:43

Ok, who wants to join this new club (it was a good idea in another thread!) I go back to work in october, dd is now 10m, think we're going to start trying start v soon to get preggers!. Any one else?

BigBeeristheBigBeer Fri 14-Sep-07 21:59:54

I'd love to.. Maybe DH might not be so keen...

walbert Fri 14-Sep-07 22:05:37

Don't tell him.. just think of the look of joy and suprise when he come's home from work and you tell him you're preggers. Just make a pie of some sort.. he'll be ok then i'm sure grin

Pinkveto Fri 14-Sep-07 22:07:49

I'm more a lurker than a poster, but I'll come in. To be honest DH is more keen than me, he may have more success now that I've stopped BF and started drinking again!!

Ditto - back at the end of Oct with what will be then a 9 month old.

walbert Fri 14-Sep-07 22:12:46

Pinkveto, am in same boat, dh has said as he is knocking on a bit he wants next baby now, so since he's witteriung about it every night and his argument is a bit more solid than mine (won't it be hard?) then looks like we'll be trying soon. Still, iy you start now, get preggers soon, you could be off work for christmas after had baybee! Yay!

1dilemma Sun 16-Sep-07 15:04:27


Bouquetsofdynomite Thu 20-Sep-07 17:41:27

Yes please but maybe have to defer entry LOL. Not starting ttc for another year (all the benefits of being a first time mum while kids are at school!) Got to stop being a SAHM and find some work until then sad...

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