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DH leaving for work london

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Success1986 Wed 15-Apr-20 13:34:36

My DH job involves working abroad, although he is receiving full salary being at home. A few weeks ago him and his colleagues refused a job to a country due to the high numbers or corona the company then admitted their mistake for even asking as the country ended up on lockdown and the workers would have been stuck. I have just been given the news from him that he is now going to London to work for he doesnt know how long this week. Now this leaves me with a 2 year old on my own, i also have a lady depending on me for medicine and food who is fully isolating. I dont see why he thinks its ok to go to London the worst hit when we have been taking social distancing so seriously. Im emotional, angry upset i dont know what to be!! Im left with anxiety of how im going to cope on my own and protect my toddler from getting virus I will have to take him out with me. When hes away working it is hard enough doing it solo never mind being on lock down. Am i over reacting?

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