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How far back do you go on your cv

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chocolateeggsinapril Thu 02-Apr-20 22:25:29

Brushing the cv up. I currently list jobs going back to 2006 on my cv and although they're in the same field they are are mostly junior roles that aren't really relevant or necessary to know about now.

The only thing making me think I should put them on is to firstly avoid any gaps between school and the first more senior role and secondly because they are for multi National big well known corporations so not sure if I'm down selling by not including them.

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BackforGood Thu 02-Apr-20 23:52:09

From school to present day.

lightlypoached Fri 03-Apr-20 07:13:47

It's more important to have
-a decent intro bespoke to the job you are applying for, this is the first thing they read so make it count.
- a decent small para for the last 2-3 roles. Factual stuff, measures, achievements , proudest moments
- I always try to include 1-2 quotes from previous feedback / appraisals eg 'x is the most efficient boa boa I've ever worked with'. That sort of thing
- a small para about you, interests, family and one interesting thing they can hook onto to get the interview chat going. Eg "I have rescued 25 cats in the last.year (or whatever your 'thing' is
- lump together the older roles 'various junior roles ' and just give employer name and dates
- small section on education with just the qualifications and professional training /memberships.

Hope this helps

chocolateeggsinapril Fri 03-Apr-20 12:32:28

Thanks @lightlypoached that approach is a good idea to lump together the early junior roles. thanks for the information as well.
I am updating my cv to use current styles for professionals but it was the earlier roles that were pushing the cv to be too long.

(I had a few roles in the early days to help jump ship and push my pay up blush)

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lightlypoached Fri 03-Apr-20 12:55:00

Nothing wrong with jumping ship to get a pay rise. Sometimes it's the only way. And it's kind of satisfying when they try to keep you but it's all tooo late grin

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