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How to write a cv

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pinkisthatme Sun 09-Sep-07 16:45:56

Help, last week my pc crashed & unfortunately I lost my cv! Stupidly I have no hard copies of it & am at a loss on where to start with re-doing it. Does any-one know any good links for finding a good proforma to use?
Thanks x

Lazylou Sun 09-Sep-07 16:47:01

clip art is where I go for that kind of thing

scienceteacher Sun 09-Sep-07 17:05:24

I suppose the first thing to do is to get all your facts down on paper - dates, places, etc. If you list all that, along with your educational qualifications, then you can get an idea of length, and then you arrive at the stage of thinking about the specific slant and presentation.

flowerybeanbag Sun 09-Sep-07 19:24:04

pinkthatisme this thread might be useful?

erm1ntrud3 Mon 10-Sep-07 22:12:10

Hi i have read your post. I do a lot about careers in citienship at school, I know the big world of work is not comparable to a 16 year old leaving school, but this is taken directly from my own CV which I have been complimented on many times, I hope it helps:

obviously remember to lay it out nicely, I can send you a copy of mine if you would like on word doc to see how I have laid it out too

Start with your name and address don’t write curriculum vitae

Then write a personal statement, doesn’t have to be very long – jus to tell the prospective employer what you are about, I have included mine as an example

Enthusiastic, and well organised teacher with 4 years experience of teaching in a rural comprehensive school in Oxfordshire. Teaching experience includes KS3 and KS4 religious education, PSHE, Citizenship and AS level General studies. I am committed to the cultural, spiritual and moral development of all pupils across the key stages. I believe that all pupils should have a chance learn about other people’s cultures and explore their own spirituality in a friendly and supportive classroom environment.


Write about your education, go from most recent to least, don’t worry about GCSE’s and A levels if it was a while ago. Most employers wont care if you have a degree

September 2007 – present Secondary certificate in Middle management

September 2006 – present Post graduate certificate in advanced teaching

September 2003 – July 2004 PGCE RE secondary
Oxford Brookes Institute of education

September 1994 – July 1997 Bachelor of Theology (hons) Degree
Westminster College, Oxford

Secondary education St Bartholomew’s School
July 1994 A levels Theatre Arts and Theology
July 1992 GCSE’s English, Maths, History, Art

Other Qualifications and courses

2005 OCR Exam and coursework marking, day course
2001 Certificate in Deaf awareness
2000 Qualified as a Guider

Give them the last 2 places you have worked, describe in as much detail as you can your main duties and responsibilities, what you have achieved and what you hope to achieve

Voluntary work
I always include this, as I have done a lot of voluntary work and it is relevant to my career as a teacher, a lot of employers take this to be an advantage, some wont

Hobbies and interests
Again this can be an advantage as it shows you as a well rounded person, however if you are applying for a high pressured management post or sales role it might look as if your outside life would interfere with you career, you know be sensible about it

Always give 2 referees and remember to ask them first, it should always be the highest ranking person from your last job, I gave the head master of my school and my head of department as she knows me best.

TheDuchess Mon 10-Sep-07 22:20:05

Some good points here but if it is some time (ahem) since school you really do need to change the focus of your CV to work achievements rather than educational qualifications.

I would put your work history first and list several (relevant) achievements for each one. So for example:

Sales Manager:

Managed budget of x
exceeded sales targets by x for x

One of my pet hates is getting CVs from people who have been in the workplace for a considerable amount of time who tell me that they were captain of the netball team or whatever. If that is a boast worthy of mention after 10 years of work there is something wrong!

Be brief, be relevant and keep information about what you want to achieve from the future for your covering letter.

Oh, and no flowery fonts. Keep to arial 12 or similar and nice quality, plain white paper please.

Oh and good luck.

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