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which one?

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myjobismum Fri 07-Sep-07 18:27:23

so here's the story - i have been to 2 interviews this week for 2 totally different jobs - and today i got a job offer from both. after much thinking and talking with DH we/i have decided and accepted one/turned down the other, the jobs are as follows:

a) Care Assistant...... Sat and Tues 9am-3pm

Pros ... field which interests me, can do NVQ, saturday babysitters no prob and mum is off tues and has offered to look after DS, decent honest work, rewarding.

Cons ... mum lives 15miles away and doesnt drive so would have to drop off and pick up DS on tues (total of 60miles as job is near home) lots of training involved, have to use my own car for travelling around between jobs (in peoples homes) FWIW my car wouldnt start at all today and cannot afford another one, NVQ big commitment, big commitment job.

b) Room Attendant at local hotel .... sat and sunday a.m. 9-1

Pros ... DH off sunday to look after DS, babysitters no problem on saturday, no strings job, very little commitment (can leave work at work!)set hours, set place of work, if my car fails then i can still get to from work, stress free, less time away from DS

Cons ... not very challenging, less hours,

FOR BOTH: there is little difference in hourly rate, both can start when i have worked my notice after my upcoming holiday.

I must add also as this is an important factor, we plan on TTC number 2 xmas time and after its born, DH doesnt want me to return to work for a while.

Also i do have future plans to train in midwifery once DC's are at school full time so therefore what i do now doesnt have to be a career path, just away to get a little sanity away from DS (much as i love him) and to give him a break for me too - and a little spending money for me and DH as all his wages seem to go on bills, bills, bills!

so, which would you choose? i'm totally convinced i have made the wrong decision, but also please with what i have decided (if that makes any sense at all)

sorry to waffle - please comment, if i have screwed up, i am sure there is some way i can change if needed (e.g. ring up place i turned down and beg for dear life!)

off to bath DS - dirty from garden and ice-cream smile so leave comment and i will check in about hour or so.

thanks [confused and a little bit panicky emoticon]

flowerybeanbag Fri 07-Sep-07 18:58:20

Well, if you are pleased with what you have decided, it must be the right decision I reckon.
It's like if you toss a coin to make a big decision, if you are pleased it came down as heads, or feel a bit disappointed it didn't land on tails, you know which option you wanted really.
FWIW I would always pick the more challenging, interesting option, even if it was harder work logistically, because anything less than that and I would feel frustrated, and would keep wondering 'what if'
Good luck with it whichever it is!

Sam100 Fri 07-Sep-07 19:15:15

I think you probably want the care assistant job but are worried about the travel to get ds to your mum's for babysitting?

If so - have you thought about asking for days and hours which suit you better and would work for your family?

Given the stress of family life etc - if it was me I'd probably go for the easy option of the low commitment, set hours, no travel! But I'm a bit of a lazy moo!

myjobismum Fri 07-Sep-07 20:45:54

anyone else?
bum, bum bum!

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