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bambinaballerina Tue 10-Mar-20 16:28:12

So, I've been in an admin job for the last couple of years, after relocating and having children basically (had a city job before). At the moment I'm going through an existential crisis as would like to develop my career, but cannot seem to get a job outside of admin work and with decent hours (child friendly).

When I was younger, for over 10 years I studied dance, ballet and contemporary, and stopped before going to uni. I was really good but couldn't pursue it, as my parents wanted me to have a serious degree etc..

Now I was thinking of training to teach zumba or dance exercises classes. I go to dance classes sometimes (salsa, latin american, ballroom etc..) and my teacher commented that I'm really good.

Would I be crazy to do it? Would it make me look ridiculous? I have met a lady who started teaching yoga after years as an office manager, but am really scared to take the plunge and network, finding clients etc..

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Asgoodasarest Wed 11-Mar-20 12:27:49

No do it! That’s a great idea. My yoga teacher is a lady in her late 40’s that retrained because she loved it. That’s why she’s so good, because the enthusiasm she has shines through and her classes are all the better for it.
You could always start doing it a couple of evenings a week outside your job while you built it up. Hire a hall, advertise and word of mouth will get you your clients. It’s much easier to go out on a limb for something you’re passionate about. You might surprise yourself.
You could also watch some motivational videos online around building your confidence too.
You have nothing to lose. There will be other jobs of this doesn’t work out, but there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t. Good luck!

Woodlandtrain Wed 11-Mar-20 12:38:39

You should absolutely do this. I agree with starting it up on the side and build it up as a side business to see if it could take off and allow you to go part time/ leave your regular work. The mums on maternity leave exercise classes where you can bring your baby with you seem to do really well near me as well.

Sooverthemill Wed 11-Mar-20 12:39:49

Definitely do it! Don't give up on having such a talent

inwood Wed 11-Mar-20 12:46:56

You wouldn't be crazy but don't underestimate the amount of work involved. Yoga teacher friend finds it difficult as you have to pay to hire the space, insurance etc and then get enough people in to be able to at least cover costs.

What's the market like where you are? If there are loads of people already doing it it will be difficult to break in. People are generally loyal to someone they like so you need to convince new people to come and stay with you.

bambinaballerina Wed 11-Mar-20 16:37:04

Thank you for the replies! @inwood I live in London, so there would be venues, but competition as well, as it seems quite popular (yoga, zumba, pilates). I guess I need to research it a bit and try and get a bit braver.

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