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job aptitude tests...ugh

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FreezeEverything Fri 28-Feb-20 11:03:44

I'm job-hunting. I hate it. No-one's interested so far. I've done a mix of SAHP and contracting for the last few years (quite a few years) and through multiple kids. I've just completed one of those job aptitude tests and I know I didn't do well in it, despite the fact that I'm considered relatively intelligent and good at my existing work (which is difficult and specialised).

I just feel like an idiot. And the advertised salary for the role is quite a jump backwards and all.

Just ugh, that's all. Solidarity to anyone out there who is also job-hunting after a break.

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FreezeEverything Fri 28-Feb-20 11:06:10

I know the whole point of them is to test you on how quickly you can think and calculate under pressure. Are most people good at that? I'm not!

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