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Intervention Support Assistant

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bluesuffolk Fri 21-Feb-20 18:35:08

So, this job role came up in our DDs school, 13 hours a week, which would be perfect for me. (Although I don't 100% understand what would've my role)

We are in a small town, 99.9% White British population.

I've been in the UK for more than 12 years, fluent, but still have an accent.( which I'm proud of)

I have a BA in Sociology and Child Development, but no confidence...I've been out of work for so long due raising our girls, I have no idea how to approach this opportunity.

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BackforGood Fri 21-Feb-20 22:43:51

I would go in to school and ask if you can talk to the SENCo about the role, and about what skills they would be looking for.

Do you have any experience working with children?

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