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Returning to work different hours

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LovingMamma Sun 09-Feb-20 21:26:46

Hey, I am due to return to work in a few months following my maternity leave. The thought of it is awful shock and I don't know how either me or Baby will cope. I will be returning full time (NHS) unfortunately reduced hours is not an option both financially and also it would not be accepted in my place of work. I am trying to think of the best combination of hours which will have the least impact on Baby. I am thinking 2 days starting at lunch time (two mornings off) I think this would seem better for Baby as Baby is going to miss me more going off in the Mornings when used to a routine as opposed to me leaving at lunch time and back a few hours later. The other possible option would be working 37.5 over 4 days, however I am not sure if it would be ideal 8-6 as a) I will be getting in after 6 towards bedtime and therefore will feel like I have less time with Baby and also I will only see Baby one morning (and of the entire day) during the working week. Arghhh it's so hard, I want to find the best balance. Open to any suggestions. Thank You x

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BackforGood Sun 09-Feb-20 23:54:29

Firstly, "in a few months" your baby will have changed massively
Secondly your baby will cope fine
Thirdly your baby will not notice nor mind what your working week is - it will just be what it is.

I'm not really sure what your options are.
You talk about working 37.5 hours over 4 days, but then talk as if that is 8 - 6 ? But are also talking about starting after lunch as being another option.
Can you post what your actual choice is, and people will help you see what the pros and cons of those hours must be. I presume it isn't possible for you to just make up a working pattern ? Does it need to include weekends ?

Also, what you are doing for childcare and how your dp fits in to this (in terms of his hours / days).

People can help you see the different advantages and disadvantages - or even what makes life impossible (for example Nurseries shutting at 6 or 6.30 might mean you can't work until 6 if you have an hour's commute and your dh isn't able to collect either, is very different from you having a 10 min commute or your dp having flexible hours etc etc.

LovingMamma Mon 10-Feb-20 08:09:28

Childcare is pre arranged with a family & friends who are very flexible. Yes I could return to work 9-5 min-fri but I would rather have some extra day time hours with my Baby.
Yes I can choose my pattern excluding w/ends. As stated options I can think of would be 4 days which would mean hours 8-6. I didn't mention how childcare would come into this as I do already have very flexible arrangements, my question was simply asking options on what people would think would work best for Baby, I am sure there are other parents who have a similar situation with splitting up their full time hour. Apologies for not having mentioned they would excl w/end. My questions was not about childcare or when I am and am not allowed to work.
The other option was having two mornings off and extending my other 3 days.
My commute to work by car is 10mins. My Husband has long commutes during the weekdays.

I hope this extra information is helpful.

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8paws8legs Mon 10-Feb-20 08:26:22

If you have managed well on mat pay could you think of reducing your hours, I know you say it wouldn't be allowed at work but they do seriously need to think of these things and have a valid reason to say no, assumedly they have managed without you for a good few months so I'd ask if I were you even if it was finishing at 4 instead of 5 or starting at 10 if you prefer mornings.

MrsL2016 Mon 10-Feb-20 08:37:59

My choice would always be longer days for a full day off. I think you would find the mornings off a bit useless as you can't commit to doing anything meaningful with baby and you will just spend the morning getting ready for work etc. A full day off can be used much better.

LovingMamma Mon 10-Feb-20 11:29:35

Thanks for the replies smile. Although I am managing on Mat pay, it is a struggle. Therefore it really wouldn't be ideal unfortunately.
The sound of a whole day off during the week sounds great, but I am not sure about ten longer 4 days, I guess I will have to weigh up if they are worth it for a whole day. I have also thought about 3 shorter days and two long days for example 0730-1730 x 2 and 0915-1445 x 3 as this would make me feel as though I would be at home more with Baby (or out and about having fun with Baby). However this doesn't leave me with any time for anything structured with Baby, a few hours in morning x3 followed by half an afternoon.... not sure confused

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Haribolover Mon 10-Feb-20 19:41:36

Mine are older now 6 and 3 and I used to 4 days until the eldest went to school and now do 3 full days and 2 half days. If I could go back I'd definitely do 4 days as having a full day off means you have time do things and see people. Half days feel rushed although I do have a school pick up to do.

BackforGood Mon 10-Feb-20 20:18:40

In that case, I'm another who would go for a full day off.
Mornings off would be a nightmare - you'd just be clock watching all the time, not wanting to start anything as you need to be off to work soon.
Getting home at 3pm would also be too late to go out anywhere or do anything with your little one.

Though I suppose if you were doing something particularly physical then a longer day would be difficult.

SoloMummy Mon 10-Feb-20 20:37:28

What about 730-6 x3 =31.5
730-1230 x1=5
Same number of hours but over 3.5 days.
Would be exhausting and you'd have to be organised with meals etc and find out whether the family providing childcare would mind or prefer more typical hours. You would need to be organised but you'd still have 3.5 days home which is almost idyllic.
I work over 3 days and find it's best for my family.

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