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Returning to work after claiming ESA (Support Group). How do the DWP respond?

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Vermilionflycatcher Sun 09-Feb-20 08:23:10

I want to ask if anyone has any experience of returning to work after claiming ESA. I currently receive ESA. The backstory to this is that four years ago, I had a miscarriage, then a stranger attacked me at work (I worked in a hospital) and then my dh was killed in a car accident (it wasn't his fault). It all happened within a year. I subsequently had a breakdown and couldn't work. I went to live with my parents. I have various mental and physical issues, including OCD. I receive ESA and I am in the Support Group. However, I would ideally like to re-enter the world of work. So, I am considering applying for either part-time or full -time jobs which would allow me to work at home. I rarely leave the house. If this worked out and I stopped claiming ESA, would the DWP question me about why I consider myself fit for some sort of work, after being placed in the Support Group?
Thank You.

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Celticdawn5 Sun 09-Feb-20 08:27:18

I work with a client group whereby many are in the support group and it’s never been a problem.

Celticdawn5 Sun 09-Feb-20 08:31:07

just take care about what sort of opportunities you are applying for.
Ie. Don’t pay out any money

Celticdawn5 Sun 09-Feb-20 08:45:20

Being in a position to consider employment is a good sign.
If you have been unwell then sometimes it’s not until you start looking at employment do you realise how ‘fit for work’ you might be and you will need to build up your stamina to be in a position to cope with actual employment.DWP can help in some respects but you will rarely get any help from them that doesn’t involve you having to leave the house.
It’s a step forward for you which is great but take your time to find something that is right for you and that you can manage.

Vermilionflycatcher Sun 09-Feb-20 10:43:03

Thank you for your advice. I've found it helpful.

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dancingthroughthedark Sun 09-Feb-20 10:55:33

Have a look at permitted work. My health means I am housebound a lot of the time but I sometimes do a few hours a week stuff like editing, helping people with cvs and book keeping. I completed the permitted work application and for job I put small admin jobs not on a regular basis. My application was approved and it means I can dip my toe in the water when I feel I can without losing my ESA for now.

Celticdawn5 Sun 09-Feb-20 14:04:47

Yes, permitted work is still available. The explanation on the Entitledto website is very clear and helpful.
There is also Access to Work which can help fund certain equipment/travel and support in the workplace and is an underused resource.

Vermilionflycatcher Sun 09-Feb-20 18:24:46

I will look into those options. Thank you both very much.

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