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ivfbabymomma1 Fri 07-Feb-20 19:50:23

What would you do??

I have a full time job and went on maternity, my job have said I can't come back part time so they have said I go back part time from April - July and then from July I am to go back full time or leave. I'm upset because I absolutely love this job but don't want to go back full time.

My friend works for a company who are hiring for a similar job I already do, 3 days a week for about £70 a month less than what I wanted but still decent hours.

I interviewed for this and got the job and they want me to start in 3 weeks (my maternity is due to end in May) and I'm sad about going back to early, as well as leaving my old job.

I don't know whether to stick out my old job till June/July and look for work then? And also live in hope they will chance their mind about part time Or just move?

Thank you!!!!

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ivfbabymomma1 Fri 07-Feb-20 22:31:29

Anyone? 😅😅

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CeceJo Tue 11-Feb-20 22:48:54

To be honest I think it would be worth going back to your old place to see how you get on with just the normal back to work stresses as you know them and you love it. I would also consider that if you're thinking of having another little one then going back to full time may not be a bad thing if you're planning another mat leave? On the other hand if you've been accepted for a new job with the right lifestyle that you now want with not much difference in salary so that sounds like everything you want... a big decision I guess!

ivfbabymomma1 Sun 16-Feb-20 19:46:24

@cecejo thank you!!! Great advice! I think I will stick with my current job and see what Happens! Thank you!

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jasmyn90 Sun 08-Mar-20 20:14:30

Hi. I have done a self cert from work for 7 days that started monday 2nd march 2020. Do i return to work on monday the 9th? Or tuesday day the 10th?
Does the self cert note go from the monday to the monday and i return to work on the tuesday? Or the monday to the sunday and i return to work on the Monday?

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